New & Custom Office Furniture

Your office furniture makes a visible statement about your business. Whether you need new office furniture or are looking to custom-design office furniture to suit your needs, Office Furniture Expo Atlanta can help with custom office furniture design, new office seating and office desks, and office storage and panel systems in Atlanta.

Three Benefits of Custom Office Furniture Design

Custom office furniture design provides you with the opportunity to manage your office's aesthetics and efficiency from the ground up, creating a customized working environment designed for success.

  1. Whether you have a unique space to fill or simply want to tailor your office furniture to suit the image you want to project for your business, custom furniture design offers high-quality, one-of-a-kind furnishings that specifically suit your needs.
  2. During the custom design process, you'll have control over every characteristic of your furnishings to achieve the best look and functional design for the budget you have in mind, including the use of elements such as panel systems, modular furniture, or even conventional furniture.
  3. Custom office furniture design allows you to uniformly furnish your space for a more cohesive and top-tier look, sending an important message to your employees and clients alike.

Signs You Need New Office Furniture

You rely on your office furniture every day to create a comfortable and functional work environment. However, furniture is also one of the most oft-overlooked aspects of any business space; spotting the signs that you need new office furniture can help you maintain a more positive working environment that projects the right image.

  • Obvious wear and tear on your office furniture affects the aesthetic look of your workplace, sending the wrong message to clients and employees alike. Signs of age include scrapes, gouges, and discoloration on wood furniture, dents in metal office furniture, and upholstered office seating that shows stains, holes, or tears in the fabric.
  • Furniture that is too big or too small isn't an efficient use of your space. Not only does furniture of the wrong size look unappealing in your office, it could be preventing you from using this space more effectively and negatively affecting productivity or attempts to expand as well.
  • Furnishings that aren't comfortable also aren't meeting your needs. Employees who feel more comfortable with desks and seating designed with proper ergonomics in mind will not only be more productive and positive, they'll miss fewer days of work due to health issues as well.

Office Furniture Expo Atlanta offers the products and services you need to create your ideal workplace. You can reach our furniture store serving Atlanta today by calling (770) 455-0440.

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