Ergonomics: How to Set Up Your Computer Work Space

If you're buying new or used office furniture, you should purchase ergonomic office chairs and office desks. An ergonomic workstation is designed to maximize comfort and efficiency, while minimizing the stress and strain caused by repetitive motions and prolonged periods of time sitting in an office chair.

Watch this video for great advice on setting up an ergonomic workstation. Gaylord Bridegan, Certified Professional Ergonomist demonstrates how ergonomic office furniture can make your office more productive and comfortable.

At Office Furniture Expo Atlanta, we have a variety of ergonomically designed new office furniture in Atlanta that will eliminate the stress and strain caused by office work. Come visit our office furniture store if you're interested in setting up an ergonomic workstation at your office. To learn more about our office furniture selection, call us today at (770) 455-0440.


Start Fresh in 2016 with Your Office Furniture

The New Year is the perfect time to visit Office Furniture Expo for great deals and special promotions on new and used office furniture. You can take advantage of the sales and redesign your office using new or gently used office desks, office seating, office storage, and office panel systems. Keep reading for some great ideas on how to start fresh in 2016 with your office furniture.

Evaluate Your Office Environment

Before picking out new office furniture, you should fully evaluate your office environment. Determine the primary problem areas in your office that limit comfort, productivity, and efficiency. If there's a high traffic area that sees frequent bottlenecks or is difficult to maneuver, brainstorm ways that you can remedy that. Make sure that each workspace has the appropriate lighting, office storage, office seating and office tables or desks, and other amenities that employees need to get their work done happily.

Organize Your Clutter

Having a lot of clutter around the office can severely limit the comfort of your employees and office visitors. If there are areas of clutter that could benefit from more office storage, look into bookcases and filing cabinets. You can even think of creative office storage solutions that keep messes and paperwork out of sight but meticulously organized. Once you eliminate clutter, your office will appear brighter, more open, and more streamlined.

Take a Look at New Office Furniture Lines

Browse our furniture store or catalogue to check out the latest styles and features of 2016's office furniture lines. You may be inspired to do a full office furniture makeover for your office.

At Office Furniture Expo Atlanta, we have all of the latest office furniture lines from top office furniture brands at our office furniture store near Atlanta. We pride ourselves on selling high quality new and used office furniture at the best prices in the area. To learn more about our office furniture selection and pricing, call us today at (770) 455-0440.

Choosing the Right Guest Seating for Your Office

When you pick out new office seating for visitors, you want to make sure that it is comfortable, inviting, and attractive. If your visitors are going to spend a significant amount of time waiting in office seating in a common area, you should give them a good first impression of your business by choosing the perfect office furniture and office seating.

You can pick out office seating based upon where and how long your visitors will be waiting, and what type of business your company does. Office seating comes in a variety of brands, styles, materials, and colors. You can choose between comfortable, plush armchairs, simple wooden reception chairs or guest chairs, and sophisticated leather benches. You can also opt for a classic, minimalistic office seating design, or a more modern, elegant style.

You can find a huge selection of high quality, affordable office seating in Atlanta at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta. Our office furniture experts can help you pick out the best office seating for your budget and needs. To find out more about our office furniture store and our selection, call us today at (770) 455-0440.

The Purpose Line from HON

If you're looking for new office chairs or office seating, you should consider shopping from HON's Purpose line. The Purpose line of office chairs is sleek, versatile, and dynamic. You can choose from an array of fabric and finish options for each office chair to create custom office furniture that complements your existing office décor.

The Purpose office chairs can be further customized to include arms or be armless. You can also opt for a comfortable stool rather than an office chair. Each office chair is ergonomically designed and fully adjustable, so that you won't suffer from a stiff neck, sore shoulders, or eyestrain while sitting at your office desk.

To check out HON's Purpose line of office chairs in Atlanta, come see us at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta. Our new and used office furniture inventory includes top office furniture brands like HON, as well as a number of other affordable, high quality office furniture lines. For more information about the office chairs available at our office furniture store, call us today at (770) 455-0440.

Creating the Perfect Workspace

Your office workspace should be inviting and inspiring. You can arrange your office furniture in such a way that you are able to minimize distractions and work efficiently. Here are some great tips for using custom office furniture to create the perfect workspace.

Take the Time to Find the Perfect Office Desk

Your office desk is the most useful piece of office furniture that you'll buy. For this reason, you should take the time to visit multiple office furniture stores until you find the perfect new or used office desk. Your office desk should provide plenty of office storage, and be large enough to accommodate the tools you use on a daily basis. You want to buy an office desk that allows you to organize your workspace in an effective and useful way.

Arrange Office Furniture to Maximize Space and Efficiency

Before you decide on the layout for your office furniture, walk yourself through your common, day-to-day office tasks. Arrange your office furniture in such a way that the tasks that you complete most often are easily and comfortably performed without requiring you to continually get up and walk to other parts of the office. If you are easily distracted by noise, you should place your office desk so you can't see out of your office door.

Choose an Ergonomic Office Chair

If you spend a lot of time in your office, you'll need a comfortable, ergonomic office chair. Your local office furniture store should sell new and used office chairs that allow you to adjust the seat's height and depth, the chair's height, and the angle of the chair's back. These ergonomic adjustments will help you work more productively, and prevent sore muscles and eyestrain.

At Office Furniture Expo Atlanta, we can help you pick out custom office furniture in Atlanta to create your dream workspace. Our office furniture selection is the largest and most affordable in the area, and we offer top brands and popular lines. To learn more about our office furniture sales, furniture delivery, and furniture assembly services, call us today at (770) 455-0440.

Practicing Good Posture at Your Desk

After sitting at your office desk for eight hours a day, you are at greater risk of aching or stiff muscles, headaches, and joint pain. Fortunately, you can reduce that risk by choosing an ergonomic office desk and office chair, and by maintaining proper posture whenever you are seated.

If you work with a computer at your desk, make sure that the top of the screen is aligned with your eyes, and that the screen is tilted slightly upward. Keep both feet on the ground and keep your shoulders relaxed. You should be sitting about 12 inches from your computer, and your elbows should be placed at a 90-degree angle to the keyboard.

At Office Furniture Expo Atlanta, we offer a wide variety of ergonomic office desks and office seating near Atlanta. Our office furniture store has such a huge selection of affordable office furniture that it's easy to find the perfect office desk and office chair for your needs. For more information about our office furniture inventory, call us today at (770) 455-0440.

The Best Colors for Your Office Furniture

Scientific studies have demonstrated that humans are affected emotionally by the choice of color of wall paint, clothing, cars, and even office furniture. As a business owner, you can use this information to your advantage by choosing new, used, or custom office furniture in colors that stimulate positive emotions like productivity and creativity. Before you visit a local office furniture store, take a look at this guide to the best colors for your office furniture.

Blue and Green Office Furniture

If your office is busy and hectic, you can install custom office furniture in blue and green to promote confidence and productivity amongst your employees. Blue and green are also calming, tranquil colors that can help employees stay focused in an overwhelming environment. Because blue and green are also colors that are found in nature, it's easy to coordinate your new office furniture to almost any existing office décor.

White and Gray Office Furniture

While using too much white in an office can make it look sterile, white can be an attractive and calming choice for tables, chairs, and other office furniture. White and soft gray are neutral, relaxing colors that can help your employees feel more at home, which facilitates a productive work environment.

Yellow and Orange Office Seating

Yellow and orange may seem like difficult colors to integrate into your office furniture, but they are the perfect colors for office seating, whether in private offices, public waiting rooms, or common areas. Yellow and orange are cheerful, energetic colors that will make visitors to your office feel engaged and welcome. Pale orange and mustard yellow are the best shades to use to complement existing office furniture and décor.

If you're interested in using new or used office furniture in Atlanta to improve the moods of your employees and visitors, come see us at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta. We offer a huge selection of both new and used, high-quality office chairs, office tables, office desks, and office seating at very affordable prices. Call us today at (770) 455-0440 to find out more about our office furniture store.

Achieving Ergonomic Design with AMQ Office Furniture

Having a comfortable, ergonomic workspace can help make your employees feel their best and may even help improve your bottom line. How? For starters, ergonomic workspaces can improve employee productivity by limiting the amount of stress and strain they experience during the typical workday. Ergonomic office furniture can also help prevent workman's comp claims resulting from repetitive stress injuries that are common in today's workplace. Fortunately, furniture from AMQ Solutions makes it easy to improve ergonomics while also improving the aesthetic design of your office. Here's a look at some of the ergonomic office furniture pieces from AMQ.

ACTIV Sit-to-Stand Tables

Designed to work as a freestanding desk or as part of a network of workspaces, ACTIV sit-to-stand tables from AMQ move silently up and down in seconds with the touch of a button to provide a seated or standing workspace as needed. Featuring LED touchscreens and adjustable telescopic legs, these sit-to-stand tables are quiet, stylish, and easy to use.

ACTIV Sit-to Stand Benching

Thanks to growing awareness of the importance of ergonomic office furniture, height adjustability is increasingly becoming one of the most important trends for the contemporary workplace. ACTIV benches enable you to program multiple heights, enabling quick and easy adjustments.

ICON Benching

With their adjustable tabletop screens and side screens, ICON benches facilitate easy and active collaboration among your team members. The frames, screens, and cushions are available in a wide range of eye-catching and attractive finishes. As sleek and sophisticated as they are practical, these flexible and diverse workspaces are ideal for the modern office.

If you would like help designing an ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing workspace, contact the office furniture experts at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta. We will help you choose the best furniture to meet your needs, and we even offer furniture delivery and assembly to make things even easier. Call us at (770) 455-0440 to speak with one of our office furniture experts today.

Check Out This Simple Way to Add Holiday Cheer to Your Office

Are you looking for something special to make your office seem a little more festive for the holiday season? This short video from Hallmark demonstrates a quick and easy way to brighten up one of the most visible parts of your office. When you finish this short and simple decoration project, you're sure to get a smile out of every member of your team.

At Office Furniture Expo Atlanta, we carry the largest selection of desks and office chairs in the South, and we can help you outfit your office with new or lightly used furniture that meets your budget and style preferences. Contact us online or call us at (770) 455-0440 to speak with one of our office furniture experts today.

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