Create the Look You Want with Bookcases, Shelving & Storage Cabinets

Bookcases, shelving units and storage cabinets are essential parts of your office décor, not just for their style but also for their functionality. The right bookcases and shelving units help you keep your office organized so you can present a professional face to your clients. Bookcases, shelving units and storage cabinets are available in both new and used office furniture, as well as custom designed. Keep these tips in mind for using bookcases and shelving to create the look you want for your office.

Executive Bookcases

Executive bookcases combine form and function. They can be traditional or contemporary in design and are often tall, sturdy, and made of wood or glass and metal. They should provide ample storage without looking cluttered. These bookcases belong in executive suites and within other management offices rather than in open spaces. These solid bookcases are designed for executive spaces because their design speaks to strength and leadership.

Metal Bookcases and Storage Cabinets

Although metal bookcases and storage cabinets might not have the chic design qualities of executive bookcases, they are useful additions to any office. These bookcases or storage cabinets provide essential storage, particularly for papers and files that can easily make an office look cluttered and disorganized. Likewise, these cabinets and cases make finding business papers and supplies easy, since they can all be sorted and arranged in a way that makes your office storage and filing more efficient. Consider keeping these storage units in back areas including supply and copy/fax areas and other functional spaces where they won't be the focal point of a room's design.

Wall Systems

Wall systems offer flexible bookcase and shelving options that can be custom-designed to fit your space. Choose the module elements you need and pick the color, style, and material of the unit so that it blends into your office décor seamlessly. Wall systems can work in nearly any part of your office, from the reception area to meeting and conference rooms.

Office Furniture Expo is dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes find the perfect new and used office furniture for their specific needs. Come to our Showroom to see our selection of office furniture in Atlanta and to learn more about our design services. You can also find out more about our selection by calling (770) 455-0440.

Upgrading Your Work Space for Less with Used Office Furniture

Upgrading a commercial workspace or installing a home office is a considerable challenge. When it comes to office furniture, you need to keep several important factors in mind simultaneously: cost, comfort, practicality and aesthetics. Instead of spending many thousands of dollars on brand new office furniture, you might consider seeing what used items are available at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta.

There are a number of benefits that come with purchasing used office furniture. For one, used furniture is almost always cheaper than new furniture. Also, purchasing used furniture reduces the demand for new furniture to be manufactured, thereby reducing your business's impact on the environment. After a short tour of Office Furniture Expo, you should be able to find used office furniture that looks as good as new furniture, and suits your needs.

If you have any questions about used office furniture in Atlanta, don't hesitate to call Office Furniture Expo at (770) 455-0440. We're dedicated to providing Atlanta-area businesses with high-quality new and used office furniture at affordable prices.

Make Your Office Furniture Last Longer with Preventative Maintenance

If you buy a sturdy office chair or desk, you probably expect it to stay in decent shape for years. However, this is only the case if you remember to perform regular preventative maintenance. Fortunately, maintaining your office furniture can be easy as long as you follow these simple pieces of advice.

Tighten Bolts and Screws

After months or years of spinning and adjusting bolts and screws, certain parts of your office furniture may become unstable. This is because the screws and bolts holding the components together have become loose. This issue can be remedied by simply tightening the loose bolts or screws with a wrench or screwdriver. Failing to tighten bolts or screws on a regular basis could result in wobbly or totaled furniture.

Dust Occasionally

Maintaining desks and other expensive pieces of office furniture is exceedingly easy. Often times, dust and exposure to sunlight is what causes wooden desks to show their age faster than necessary. Taking a duster or a slightly damp cloth to clean your desk once every few weeks can go a long way toward keeping it looking great, thus delaying the cost and hassle of purchasing a new one.

Choose Cleaning Products Carefully

Of course, there may come a time when your office furniture needs a more thorough cleaning than a simple dusting can provide. When it comes time to give your furniture a deep clean, make sure you select the right cleaning products. This is especially important for wooden furniture, as certain products on certain finishes could cause irreversible damage. If possible, contact the manufacturer for cleaning product recommendations, and then share the information with your employees or cleaning staff.

Here at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta, we're experts in all things related to new and used office furniture. The next time you need office furniture in Atlanta, feel free to call our office at (770) 455-0440. Our vast Warehouse boasts office furniture of all styles, and we also offer furniture repair.

Set Your Sights on Accommodate™ Seating

When clients come to your office, you want to make sure your workspace looks as attractive as possible. In addition to augmenting the décor, comfortable seating can enhance office morale and prestige.

This video about Accommodate™ Seating provides a glimpse at the company's exquisite seating products. Whether you're looking for stackable guest chairs, counter-height stools, café-height stools, or bariatric chairs, Accommodate™ has the right model for you. All of the products featured in this video come in several colors, and feature attractive, contemporary designs.

If you're interested in any of the chairs featured in this video, call Office Furniture Expo Atlanta at (770) 455-0440. Our 100,000 sq.-ft. Showroom boasts an extraordinary selection of high-quality office furniture.

Smart Furniture Choices for a Creative Office Space

One mark of a successful business is its ability to set itself apart from the competition. If you're looking to enhance your business's creativity, you might consider starting with your work space. Creating a bold aesthetic can inspire your employees to think a certain way, while comfortable and contemporary office furniture can boost morale, productivity, and creativity.

Sit/Stand Desks

Sitting at a desk all day is not ideal for your employees' health. If you're looking for a new way to arrange your office and keep your employees healthy, consider investing in sit/stand desks. These types of adjustable desks allow your employees to sit and stand at different points throughout the day.

Ergonomic Seating

If you don't want sit/stand desks, consider investing in your employee's well-being with ergonomic seating. You'll find that comfortable employees are more productive, and that the presence of contemporary ergonomic seating gives your office a more creative vibe.

Benching Systems and Collaborative Environments

Another way to dial up the creativity and collaboration in your office is to do away with the bland cubicle systems. You might opt for an open office plan, or choose benching systems that make efficient use of your floor space with integrated sit/stand options while fostering a collaborative work environment that panel systems just won't allow. Office Furniture Expo Atlanta is your source for these creative, contemporary office environments.

Custom Design

If you're ready to take office creativity to the next level, consider working with Office Furniture Expo to create a custom workspace that suits your company's unique needs. Our in-house staff can use Computer Aided Design to help you and your employees come up with a layout that will optimize creativity, collaboration and productivity.

The next time you're looking to make a change to your Atlanta office, contact the team at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta. We're brimming with ideas for how to make your office as comfortable and stylish as possible. Call (770) 455-0440 to speak with one of our representatives.

What Kind of Seating Is Right for Your Conference Room?

Conference rooms can be a challenge to design because they require a careful balance of comfort and function. Meetings held in these spaces can be long, so the office seating must be comfortable, but it can't be so inviting and comfortable that people feel sleepy. When you're choosing office furniture for a conference room, keep these tips in mind.

Start by considering how the room will be used. If you envision smaller board meetings, then the seating could be similar to standard task chairs arranged around a long conference table. If you have a large room and expect to host large groups, modular tables and armless, stackable or nesting chairs are easy to arrange and to store in different configurations. For each scenario, choose office seating with good lumbar support to ensure pain and fatigue won't distract your attendees' attention from the meeting.

The office design professionals at Office Furniture Expo will help you select office seating in Atlanta that strikes the right tone for your conference room. Start exploring your options today by calling (770) 455-0440.

Why Used Office Furniture Could Be Your Best Business Decision

If you need office furniture but aren't sure where to begin, you could be overlooking the best option for your business: used furniture. Used office furniture offers high quality at affordable prices and plenty of other benefits as well. Here is a look at why used office furniture could be your business' smartest investment.

Stay on Budget

Regardless of the other benefits, the first thing that makes many people consider used office furniture is the price. When you buy used office furniture, you simply get more for your money. By buying used, you can afford quality brands that you may have thought were out of reach and get more pieces at one time. For instance, instead of investing in one new desk, get the three used desks you need without going over your budget.

Go Green

Most businesses are looking for ways to adopt more environmentally friendly practices, but one easy way to go green that most companies overlook is used furniture. Buying used office furniture reduces landfill waste, cuts emissions created during the furniture production process, and helps to conserve wood. Given that 8.8 million tons of useable office equipment gets shipped to landfills each year, 34% of which is office furniture, your decision to bypass new furniture for used pieces can be part of fixing a significant problem.

Get Quality Furniture

Used office furniture is not synonymous with poor quality. As long as you choose the right used office furniture retailer, you can get gently used pieces that are still in top condition, so you don't have to compromise any part of your office design. The only people who have to know your furniture is used are the people involved in the purchasing process.

Office Furniture Expo offers an extensive collection of used office furniture in Atlanta, with almost ½ of our 100,000 sq. ft. of Showrooms and Warehouse devoted just to clearance and used pieces. See what we have to offer, from desks, credenzas, bookcases to office task seating and much, much, more, by stopping by our Showroom or calling (770) 455-0440.

Check Out Accommodate™ Seating and Arrange™ Tables

What happens when your office needs change but your office furniture doesn't? Thanks to HON's complementary Accommodate™ Seating and Arrange™ Tables, you can build a dynamic office space that moves with your needs. Watch this video to learn more.

These innovative office seating and table systems from HON are adaptable to almost any office environment. You can arrange them in endless configurations to build the office space you want, for the most efficient workflow possible. When your needs change, simply rearrange the seating and chairs to meet your current demands, from collaboration spaces to individual workstations.

Office Furniture Expo is pleased to offer HON office furniture in Atlanta alongside our many other quality lines. From new office chairs to used desks, our office furniture store has it all. Learn more about our selection by calling (770) 455-0440.

Choosing Office Furniture for Medical Office and Hospital Settings

Medical offices and hospitals have unique needs when it comes to office furniture. In addition to creating workspaces for employees, there is a high demand for patient and visitor seating of all types. As you choose office furniture for a medical practice, keep these factors in mind.

Patient Needs

In medical offices, patients may be sitting for longer periods than is typical in other businesses. Further, they may have health needs that impact their abilities to sit comfortably. When choosing chairs, consider the needs of the patients. For instance, a bariatric surgery clinic may need wider chairs in their waiting rooms or reception areas, while a pediatrics office may require chairs in varying sizes. In hospital waiting rooms or reception areas, visitors may be waiting for extended periods of time when their loved ones undergo medical procedures and will appreciate comfortable seating options. Let the needs of the patients guide your decisions, particularly in terms of office chairs.

Professional Tone

The type of office furniture you choose says a great deal about your business. In medical offices, it is important to communicate a feeling of reliability and professionalism. Typically, this means traditional furniture choices, like darker finishes and quality desks and other furniture. Alternatively, you can create a contemporary environment using white or other neutrals and streamlined furniture pieces., Unusual furniture in discordant, bold colors and shapes is are usually better suited to tech or creative companies.


Medical offices require extensive HIPPA compliant and locking storage space for everything from records to medication samples. Ample storage ensures that the office looks organized to patients and that employees can easily find the things they need. Look for medical shelving, office desks with multiple locking drawers, and pieces that can do double duty, like tables or desks with drawers and secure storage cabinets.

The office design professionals at Office Furniture Expo can guide you through the process of choosing new and used office furniture that is appropriate for your business. Visit our Showroom or contact us at (770) 455-0440 when you need office furniture in Atlanta to fit your company's needs and budget.

Which Storage Solutions Are Right for Your Office?

Storage is a constant struggle in most office spaces. Without the proper storage, your office can look disorganized and cluttered, which sends the wrong message to your clients. When you're choosing office furniture, make office storage a priority. By picking the right options, you can make organization easier for everyone in your office.

Typically, businesses benefit from having a variety of storage solutions – whether for paper, data or even fireproof files. Filing cabinets are an obvious choice that are essential for almost every office, but don't overlook bookcases, shelves, and office tables with storage drawers or cabinets. Office desks with ample drawer space also enhance your storage options. Avoid the mistake of buying only the storage you need now. Invest in pieces that have additional space that you can grow into, as your storage needs are likely to evolve.

The office design professionals at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta can help you choose the right office storage in Atlanta and make decisions about all of your office furniture needs. Get answers to your questions about our selection by calling (770) 455-0440.

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