The Furniture Your Office Needs in Your Breakroom

Your office breakroom may not be where the most important deals for your business happen, but it is every bit as essential to your success as your high-powered meeting room. A breakroom is an investment in office morale and effective employee relationships. It gives employees a place to catch their breath during a busy day, collaborate and catch up with each other, which helps to build trust among your team and keep people motivated. If your breakroom needs a facelift or if you're building your first break space, here is a look at the office furniture pieces you'll need to make it function.


To make your breakroom as versatile as possible, choose multiple types of tables and put them together in different configurations. There should be space for a group to share lunch or coffee as well as small areas for individuals to sit. Some of the tables should be grouped for impromptu collaboration sessions. Getting multiple types of tables doesn't have to make you go over budget. Mix new and used office tables, or simply buy all used to get the look you want without compromising your budgetary restrictions.


As with your tables, your breakroom should have multiple seating options. Plastic or metal chairs that are easy to wipe down can form the foundation of your seating, but consider adding a few more comfortable options for longer breaks. This is also a good opportunity to break from your usual office décor and add in some bright, vibrant, funky options that may not be appropriate for your workspace.


Your breakroom won't feel very peaceful if it is cluttered and untidy, so storage is essential. A combination of cabinets and movable drawers is a great solution. Again, both new and used choices can keep your room organized and inviting.

When you're ready to choose office furniture in Atlanta, choose Office Furniture Expo. With our wide selection of new and used office furniture as well as custom design options, we'll always have what your business needs. To find out more, please call (770) 455-0440.

The Benefits of Using CAD for Your Office Designs

Every part of your office is a reflection of your business, so nothing short of a unique design will truly reflect your Company's identity. If you want a custom design for your office but have been scared away at the prospect of creating a design that truly works, the office design professionals at Office Furniture Expo are here to help. One of the tools we put to use to give you the best possible design for your business is needs is CAD.

CAD stands for computer-aided design. It's a tool our office design professionals can use to let you see how your custom office will look before investing in office furniture and beginning the selection process. Get a 3D representation of how your office furniture and space will look and test out things like how filing cabinets will work on each side of the room or how the space is changed by different kinds of office seating, before making any buying decisions.

Office Furniture Expo can help you build your custom office from the ground up with our wide selection of new and used office furniture in Atlanta. Visit our showroom or talk to an office design professional today by calling (770) 455-0440.

Motivate Your Customers with Color

Color plays a major role in branding. Business owners and managers should pay careful attention to what colors they use in every aspect of their companies - including office décor. When purchasing new or used office furniture, picking the right color doesn't cost you anything extra, but it can be a great marketing tool! Be sure to consider these factors when deciding on colors:

First Impression

Color is often the first thing customers notice about your brand or company, whether they're looking at your logo or décor. It has a massive impact on a customer's purchasing decision, 60-80% to be exact! Once you've made an impression, good or bad, it's next to impossible to change it, so be conscious about the image you portray from the start.

Color and Mood

Colors evoke feelings, so they can be harnessed to impact your customers' emotions. Red evokes energy and aggression, while blue puts people at ease. Black is associated with timelessness, luxury, and sophistication, and white portrays nobility and cleanliness. The colors featured in your office will have a huge impact on your customers' moods and perceptions of the company culture.

Different Colors for Different Industries

Since different colors create different moods, it's important to choose the right one for your business. Different industries call for different colors. Red is a popular choice for the food and automobile industries, since it grabs people's attention and portrays high energy. Black is often used for clothing and technology companies to create an air of sophistication. Your choice of colors can be a strategic tool to aid your business.

The experts at Office Furniture Expo can help you choose the right custom office furniture colors and pieces to help you build your brand. Whether you need new office seating or used filing cabinets in Atlanta, our showroom has it all. Stop by, visit us online, or call (770) 455-0440 to learn more.

A Look at Our Used Office Furniture Options

Buying used furniture will help you rein in your budget without sacrificing an iota of quality. At Office Furniture Expo, we pride ourselves on offering a wide array of affordable used and pre-owned office furniture for a variety of different office styles and budgets. We have hundreds of used pieces of furniture available for purchase, ranging from desks and chairs to sofas and lamps. At our warehouse and showrooms, you'll find furnishings to meet any conceivable need you might have in your office, including oversized conference tables, ergonomic chairs, computer desks, and credenzas. You'll even find accessories such as keyboard trays and chair mats. We are constantly adding to our inventory, so don't miss out on the incredible value you'll find by shopping with us.

To keep our selection truly unbeatable, we need your used office furniture to complete our collection. You can find out more about our office furniture in Atlanta by calling (770) 455-0440 today.

Custom Design Furniture Options Using Wilsonart

Customized furniture is ideal for any work environment, since it enables you to choose every aspect of your office furniture, from color to layout. Your designer can provide you with detailed designs for your new office furniture that incorporate all of your priorities. You may want to furnish your office at a budget, or you may want to design furniture that complements the style of your company. You can finish off any piece of furniture with a Wilsonart laminate surface. Wilsonart offers a wide variety of colors, ranging from understated grays to bold reds and greens, along with a new collection of laminate surfaces that mimic marble, quartz, wood grain, and granite.

Wilsonart is just one company that Office Furniture Expo is proud to partner with to bring you beautiful custom designs for your office furniture. Whether you are just starting out and are looking for used office furniture in Atlanta or you are expanding your successful business and need new office chairs, desks, and other pieces of furniture to complete the look, we are here to help. You can learn more about our products and services by calling us today at (770) 455-0440.

What to Consider When Choosing Artwork to Complement Your Office Décor

Choosing artwork for your office can be just as important as choosing furniture. Just like furniture, artwork makes a statement about your business and gives an impression to your clients. As you begin to consider artwork to complement your office décor, keep these factors in mind:

First Impressions

The eye-catching nature of artwork makes it likely to be the first thing your clients see, so it needs to communicate the right message. The art doesn't necessarily need to relate to the industry of your company, but it should reflect the culture. For example, if your company is an accounting firm with traditional office furniture, a classical piece of art can help communicate a stable environment. If most of your customers are in creative industries, more vibrant and edgy artwork can help convey a fun culture and an attitude of openness to new ideas. Alternatively, if your clients come to you in times of distress, such as in a divorce law practice, artwork featuring calming nature scenes can bring tranquility into the room.


The right artwork for your business doesn't have to break the bank. Before you go art shopping, set a budget and stick to it. Just as with furniture, you can purchase artwork to fit your price range. Consider checking out up-and-coming artists, prints of famous pieces, and selections at used office furniture stores. If you learn how to shop smart, you can fill your office with the perfect artwork at a reasonable price.

Mixed Media

Don't limit yourself to walls when choosing artwork for your office. Consider adding sculptures, vases, and other pieces to your office space as well. A mixture of different materials, textures, and colors also helps keep your space interesting. Often artists even use mixed materials within a single piece. An office filled with too much of the same type of art can risk looking like a gallery, whereas a variety of art can effectively create the desired atmosphere.

Spotlight on Atlanta Artist Scott O'Neill

Scott O'Neill is a local artist who has lived in Atlanta, Georgia for more than 40 years. As a photographer with a degree in marketing, O'Neill produces highly desired images that connect with the viewers on a personal level. O'Neill's "Atlanta Collection" features scenery and architecture at a level that can only be achieved by someone with an in-depth knowledge of the area and its people. O'Neill effectively demonstrates the important connection between art and marketing.

At Office Furniture Expo, we offer an extensive collection of new and used office furniture in Atlanta, from bookcases to office chairs, as well as an array of artwork to complete your décor. Stop by our showroom today or talk to one of our office design professionals by calling (770) 455-0440.

Create the Look You Want with Bookcases, Shelving & Storage Cabinets

Bookcases, shelving units and storage cabinets are essential parts of your office décor, not just for their style but also for their functionality. The right bookcases and shelving units help you keep your office organized so you can present a professional face to your clients. Bookcases, shelving units and storage cabinets are available in both new and used office furniture, as well as custom designed. Keep these tips in mind for using bookcases and shelving to create the look you want for your office.

Executive Bookcases

Executive bookcases combine form and function. They can be traditional or contemporary in design and are often tall, sturdy, and made of wood or glass and metal. They should provide ample storage without looking cluttered. These bookcases belong in executive suites and within other management offices rather than in open spaces. These solid bookcases are designed for executive spaces because their design speaks to strength and leadership.

Metal Bookcases and Storage Cabinets

Although metal bookcases and storage cabinets might not have the chic design qualities of executive bookcases, they are useful additions to any office. These bookcases or storage cabinets provide essential storage, particularly for papers and files that can easily make an office look cluttered and disorganized. Likewise, these cabinets and cases make finding business papers and supplies easy, since they can all be sorted and arranged in a way that makes your office storage and filing more efficient. Consider keeping these storage units in back areas including supply and copy/fax areas and other functional spaces where they won't be the focal point of a room's design.

Wall Systems

Wall systems offer flexible bookcase and shelving options that can be custom-designed to fit your space. Choose the module elements you need and pick the color, style, and material of the unit so that it blends into your office décor seamlessly. Wall systems can work in nearly any part of your office, from the reception area to meeting and conference rooms.

Office Furniture Expo is dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes find the perfect new and used office furniture for their specific needs. Come to our Showroom to see our selection of office furniture in Atlanta and to learn more about our design services. You can also find out more about our selection by calling (770) 455-0440.

Upgrading Your Work Space for Less with Used Office Furniture

Upgrading a commercial workspace or installing a home office is a considerable challenge. When it comes to office furniture, you need to keep several important factors in mind simultaneously: cost, comfort, practicality and aesthetics. Instead of spending many thousands of dollars on brand new office furniture, you might consider seeing what used items are available at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta.

There are a number of benefits that come with purchasing used office furniture. For one, used furniture is almost always cheaper than new furniture. Also, purchasing used furniture reduces the demand for new furniture to be manufactured, thereby reducing your business's impact on the environment. After a short tour of Office Furniture Expo, you should be able to find used office furniture that looks as good as new furniture, and suits your needs.

If you have any questions about used office furniture in Atlanta, don't hesitate to call Office Furniture Expo at (770) 455-0440. We're dedicated to providing Atlanta-area businesses with high-quality new and used office furniture at affordable prices.

Make Your Office Furniture Last Longer with Preventative Maintenance

If you buy a sturdy office chair or desk, you probably expect it to stay in decent shape for years. However, this is only the case if you remember to perform regular preventative maintenance. Fortunately, maintaining your office furniture can be easy as long as you follow these simple pieces of advice.

Tighten Bolts and Screws

After months or years of spinning and adjusting bolts and screws, certain parts of your office furniture may become unstable. This is because the screws and bolts holding the components together have become loose. This issue can be remedied by simply tightening the loose bolts or screws with a wrench or screwdriver. Failing to tighten bolts or screws on a regular basis could result in wobbly or totaled furniture.

Dust Occasionally

Maintaining desks and other expensive pieces of office furniture is exceedingly easy. Often times, dust and exposure to sunlight is what causes wooden desks to show their age faster than necessary. Taking a duster or a slightly damp cloth to clean your desk once every few weeks can go a long way toward keeping it looking great, thus delaying the cost and hassle of purchasing a new one.

Choose Cleaning Products Carefully

Of course, there may come a time when your office furniture needs a more thorough cleaning than a simple dusting can provide. When it comes time to give your furniture a deep clean, make sure you select the right cleaning products. This is especially important for wooden furniture, as certain products on certain finishes could cause irreversible damage. If possible, contact the manufacturer for cleaning product recommendations, and then share the information with your employees or cleaning staff.

Here at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta, we're experts in all things related to new and used office furniture. The next time you need office furniture in Atlanta, feel free to call our office at (770) 455-0440. Our vast Warehouse boasts office furniture of all styles, and we also offer furniture repair.

Set Your Sights on Accommodate™ Seating

When clients come to your office, you want to make sure your workspace looks as attractive as possible. In addition to augmenting the décor, comfortable seating can enhance office morale and prestige.

This video about Accommodate™ Seating provides a glimpse at the company's exquisite seating products. Whether you're looking for stackable guest chairs, counter-height stools, café-height stools, or bariatric chairs, Accommodate™ has the right model for you. All of the products featured in this video come in several colors, and feature attractive, contemporary designs.

If you're interested in any of the chairs featured in this video, call Office Furniture Expo Atlanta at (770) 455-0440. Our 100,000 sq.-ft. Showroom boasts an extraordinary selection of high-quality office furniture.

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