Check Out Accommodate™ Seating and Arrange™ Tables

What happens when your office needs change but your office furniture doesn't? Thanks to HON's complementary Accommodate™ Seating and Arrange™ Tables, you can build a dynamic office space that moves with your needs. Watch this video to learn more.

These innovative office seating and table systems from HON are adaptable to almost any office environment. You can arrange them in endless configurations to build the office space you want, for the most efficient workflow possible. When your needs change, simply rearrange the seating and chairs to meet your current demands, from collaboration spaces to individual workstations.

Office Furniture Expo is pleased to offer HON office furniture in Atlanta alongside our many other quality lines. From new office chairs to used desks, our office furniture store has it all. Learn more about our selection by calling (770) 455-0440.

Choosing Office Furniture for Medical Office and Hospital Settings

Medical offices and hospitals have unique needs when it comes to office furniture. In addition to creating workspaces for employees, there is a high demand for patient and visitor seating of all types. As you choose office furniture for a medical practice, keep these factors in mind.

Patient Needs

In medical offices, patients may be sitting for longer periods than is typical in other businesses. Further, they may have health needs that impact their abilities to sit comfortably. When choosing chairs, consider the needs of the patients. For instance, a bariatric surgery clinic may need wider chairs in their waiting rooms or reception areas, while a pediatrics office may require chairs in varying sizes. In hospital waiting rooms or reception areas, visitors may be waiting for extended periods of time when their loved ones undergo medical procedures and will appreciate comfortable seating options. Let the needs of the patients guide your decisions, particularly in terms of office chairs.

Professional Tone

The type of office furniture you choose says a great deal about your business. In medical offices, it is important to communicate a feeling of reliability and professionalism. Typically, this means traditional furniture choices, like darker finishes and quality desks and other furniture. Alternatively, you can create a contemporary environment using white or other neutrals and streamlined furniture pieces., Unusual furniture in discordant, bold colors and shapes is are usually better suited to tech or creative companies.


Medical offices require extensive HIPPA compliant and locking storage space for everything from records to medication samples. Ample storage ensures that the office looks organized to patients and that employees can easily find the things they need. Look for medical shelving, office desks with multiple locking drawers, and pieces that can do double duty, like tables or desks with drawers and secure storage cabinets.

The office design professionals at Office Furniture Expo can guide you through the process of choosing new and used office furniture that is appropriate for your business. Visit our Showroom or contact us at (770) 455-0440 when you need office furniture in Atlanta to fit your company's needs and budget.

Which Storage Solutions Are Right for Your Office?

Storage is a constant struggle in most office spaces. Without the proper storage, your office can look disorganized and cluttered, which sends the wrong message to your clients. When you're choosing office furniture, make office storage a priority. By picking the right options, you can make organization easier for everyone in your office.

Typically, businesses benefit from having a variety of storage solutions – whether for paper, data or even fireproof files. Filing cabinets are an obvious choice that are essential for almost every office, but don't overlook bookcases, shelves, and office tables with storage drawers or cabinets. Office desks with ample drawer space also enhance your storage options. Avoid the mistake of buying only the storage you need now. Invest in pieces that have additional space that you can grow into, as your storage needs are likely to evolve.

The office design professionals at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta can help you choose the right office storage in Atlanta and make decisions about all of your office furniture needs. Get answers to your questions about our selection by calling (770) 455-0440.

How Used Office Furniture Can Give Your Startup a Professional Presence

One thing that most startups have in common is that they are rich in drive and ideas but sometimes short on budget. When you need to dedicate all of your resources to launching your business, how do you create a workspace that makes potential customers, clients, and employees see you as the professional you are? Used office furniture is the answer. With used office furniture, you can create a workplace that communicates stability and confidence without having to divert money from other important parts of your budget. Here's how to make used office furniture work for you in your startup.

Match Your Furniture to Your Ethos

Your office furniture instantly communicates your identity to your customers. When shopping for office furniture, look for pieces that send the right message about your company. If your startup is a tech business or a creative endeavor, steer clear of traditional, dark wooden pieces and look for contemporary office chairs and desks that combine glass, laminate or metal and minimal design. If you are launching a law practice, look for used furniture that is sturdy and traditional. Because executive style, wood desks can be expensive, used desks are a great way to demonstrate your professionalism while you're building your client base.

Prioritize Functional Pieces

Your office furniture will evolve over time, so focus on investing in the most functional pieces possible in the startup stage of your business. You will need office seating, filing cabinets, desks, and tables to create a productive place to work. As your business grows, add pieces that complement your design rather than compromising on the basics in the early stages in favor of items you want more than you need.

Look for Quality

Used office furniture might have a good price tag, but that doesn't have to mean that it is cheap. Choose value-priced used pieces that are sturdy and in good condition that will last without looking like you're cutting corners. Quality used office furniture doesn't look second-hand.

For a great selection of used office furniture in Atlanta, visit the Showroom at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta. Find out more about our products and talk to an office design professional by calling (770) 455-0440.

A Look at Our Prop Rental Service

Do you ever wonder where the furniture on your favorite TV shows and movies comes from? Thanks to the thriving entertainment industry in Atlanta, the answer may be Office Furniture Expo Atlanta. From The Walking Dead to Mother's Day, our pieces have graced the both the big and small screens over and over again. Along with our huge range of new and used office furniture, we have an extensive collection of custom furniture for any filming need as well as for your production offices.

Office Furniture Expo Atlanta has established itself as leader in providing Atlanta-based and national production companies with the set pieces they need to create the perfect design, no matter what the budget. Find out why some of the biggest names in the industry turn to us when they need production furniture by contacting us and learning more about our extensive line of brands and styles that can make your scenes come to life.

Whether your need is for office chairs, desks, files, conference tables or any of over 1000 other pieces of furniture for TV or film productions in Atlanta, Office Furniture Expo Atlanta is your one-stop shop. Our design professionals are waiting to help you today. Call (770) 455-0440 to start your order.

Choosing and Organizing Bookshelves in Your Office Space

Bookshelves are office furniture staples. They are cost-effective organization solutions and can also add style and flair. The trick is selecting the right bookshelves for your space so that they are functional and blend well with your other office furniture. As you explore your shelving options, keep these tips in mind.

Choosing Bookshelves

The first step in picking bookshelves for your office is deciding on the appropriate size. You may wish to have multiple sizes for different areas of your office. For instance, if you have a reception area or check-in desk with a large wall, an oversized bookshelf or decorative bookcase or a glass display case can add functional storage and create a focal point for the room. For individual offices, smaller bookshelves, either short and wide or tall and lean, can be a better fit. Measure the wall space where you want to put the bookshelves, and don't forget to consider the size of the books or other materials you hope to store. Big binders that house company information require taller and deeper shelves than small books. When you have zeroed in on the size of shelves you need, look for styles that match your existing office furniture and your overall office aesthetic. For instance, contemporary offices may prefer laminate or metal shelves, while sturdy, wooden shelves work well in traditional workspaces.

Organizing Bookshelves

Your bookshelves will become eyesores without the proper organization. Lining up books from tallest to shortest in a row is an effective way of keeping things neat and tidy, but mixing things up a bit will inject style. Rather than stacking all of your books vertically in a row, put a horizontal stack of books on half of a shelf. Complement your books by adding small pieces of décor to the shelves. Don't overload the shelves and instead use negative space to give the eyes a place to rest. Resist the urge to let your bookshelves become the place that everything piles up, which gives your customers the impression that your office is disorganized.

Office Furniture Expo Atlanta offers a variety of new and used office furniture in Atlanta for offices and budgets of all sizes, from office chairs to filing cabinets. Start your search for the perfect office furniture today by calling (770) 455-0440.

Spotlight on Boss Chairs

Boss Office Products is an LA-based furniture company specializing in reliable and classic office furniture pieces, from chairs to reception furniture and more. An office chair can be comfortable without being healthy—for example, it feels good to slouch, but it's bad for your spine. Boss Chairs are ergonomically designed to guarantee both comfort and health. Since 1990, Boss Office Products has provided quality office furniture to businesses all over the United States. Boss has showrooms in Commerce, CA; High Point; Atlanta, GA.

You can see and feel for yourself the comfort and quality of Boss Office Products at Office Furniture Expo. We offer a variety of furniture, partitions, custom design services, and more. To learn more about us, visit our website, give us a call at 770-455-0440, or drop in to our Showroom. We look forward to fulfilling your furniture needs.

What Business Leaders Need to Know About Choosing Office Furniture

Your office furniture always communicates information about your business to your customers, but the message may not come through any clearer than in the spaces and offices of the leadership or executive team. Whether you choose new or used office furniture, the pieces you select tell your employees and your customers a lot about you as a business leader. Here is how to make sure they get the right impression.

You Need Seating Options

It is not uncommon for office furniture to include a large desk and chair, with two additional chairs facing the desk. Although this set-up is practical, and even ideal in certain situations, it can also be intimidating. While you may wish to have that formal set-up for serious conversations, you should also have additional seating options in your office, such as a relaxed area with a couch or comfortable office chairs, in which you can encourage a less formal exchange of ideas. Employees will feel more comfortable brainstorming, collaborating, and otherwise contributing rather than feeling like they are sitting in front of the principal's desk.

Your Style Sets a Tone

The placement of your office furniture has more to do with the efficiency of your workspace than your style does, but style does tell a story about your business. Creative businesses may consider colorful or contemporary office furniture to show that they are tuned into trends, while legal practices may prefer traditional mahogany pieces to communicate reliability. Mismatching your style and your mission can send customers mixed signals, and as a leader, you set that tone.

Your Personal Needs Matter

Your furniture choices shouldn't just accommodate your customers and your employees. You also need a practical space in which to do your work. Consider things like ergonomic office chairs or industry-specific desks to ensure your office works for you.

At Office Furniture Expo, we can help you build a great office for your leadership position. Stop by our Showroom packed with new and used office furniture in Atlanta, and work with an office design professional to pull your office together. For more information, call us now at (770) 455-0440.

What Are the Benefits of Working with an Office Design Professional?

Buying office furniture is about much more than just finding a comfortable chair and a few office tables. In fact, your furniture is part of your business' image and tells your customers what to expect from your services. Thankfully, an office design professional can help you decode the cues your office furniture is giving your clients and settle on the right look for your workspace.

With our office design professionals, you don't have to compromise style or function. A designer can help you find furniture styles that are suited to your business' mission and that make your office more efficient. Since new and used office furniture comes in a range of prices, your designer can also balance your furniture budget, so you get the right desks, chairs, and more without putting your bottom line at risk.

The experienced designers at Office Furniture Expo use CAD tools to help you make the right choices about your office furniture, whether you're in the market for new chairs or used desks. Find out more about our custom design services by calling our Atlanta office furniture store (770) 455-0440.

Choosing the Right Furniture for Your Front of Office or Reception Space

Your front of office or reception area is the first thing that speaks to your customers about your business. They evaluate the space and make a judgment before they even talk to any of your employees. For this reason, the office furniture you choose has major significance. As you design your front of office or reception space, keep these tips in mind about choosing office seating and more.

Front Desk

In most reception spaces, the front desk is the focal point of the room. The nature of your business will dictate many factors when you choose a desk, including the size and style of the desk. Whatever desk you choose, it should face the door as customers come in, so your employees can greet them appropriately. Be sure to choose desks with ample drawer space, so your employees can keep the front desk tidy and organized. Additional filing cabinets and bookcases can also help with storage needs. For reception areas in which privacy is required, such as doctors' offices, medical and specialized filing as well as custom office furniture that includes a panel system can be a solution.


Customer seating should always be comfortable, but if your customers are waiting for important meetings, their seats shouldn't be as cozy as those in a spa reception area, since they want to remain alert. Include a mix of chairs and sofas or loveseats, so customers have a variety of options. Contemporary style furniture can work in creative or technology industries, while physicians, lawyers, and other serious businesses may wish to opt for traditional styles. If your business has wifi, make sure to include furniture that has connectivity for your customer's convenience.


Neutral or muted colors are good choices for companies who want to communicate stability and reliability to their customers. Creative businesses might want to show off their inventiveness by using bright colors in their reception spaces, or even office furniture with print fabrics.

The office design professionals at Office Furniture Expo are committed to helping you choose the right office furniture for every space in your office. Begin the process of updating your front office or reception space, or simply browse our extensive selection of office furniture in Atlanta, when you stop by our Showroom or call (770) 455-0440.

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