Factors to Consider When Furnishing Your Office Reception

When clients walk into your business, the first thing they see is the reception area.  Their first impression of your business is important, so it is necessary to have a reception space that is not only functional, but welcoming. When picking out your furniture, take into consideration these helpful furnishing tips: 


You want the design of your reception area to flow with the furniture. When you decide on your paint color and furniture style, purchase your furniture accordingly. Aim for a professional look that fits your business and makes your client feel at home while they are waiting for your services. 

Reception Desk Area

Your reception desk is the center of your reception area. This space should be easily accessed by clients and should represent the character of your business. Reception desks come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so your decision to pick a square or circular desk design should be determined by the size of your area. The client's perception of the reception desk is important toward their judgment of your business. 


The area that seats your customers should be comfortable and open. They should be able to relax for a moment and read a magazine. Base the number of chairs you need to purchase by the projected number of daily clients that you expect to be visiting your business. If your client is comfortable in your reception area, then they will be more inclined to want to do business with you. 


Separate some of your guest chairs with small tables. You can place magazines or your company's informational pamphlets on the surfaces or it can provide a space for your clients to place their bags or briefcases. Make your client feel at home while they are waiting for your services by creating table spaces that they can utilize. 

If you are looking to purchase reception furniture for your business, then contact the Office Furniture Expo in Atlanta at (770) 455-0440. We have a large selection of organizational office furniture to choose from, including office desks and chairs. Custom office equipment is also available.


Determining the Best Furniture for Office Organization and Storage

If you are having trouble organizing your office or don't know where to start, then you might be surprised at how easy office organization can be. If you begin to utilize a few simple and cost-efficient techniques, you will be on your way to an organized office that will be easy to maintain for years. With an organized office, it becomes easier to find old files, file bank statements, and keep track of all of your important documents. The following suggestions in office furniture can help further your success toward your organized office.


If you have a small space or have a lot of papers to file, then a bookcase or two will be a great asset to your organized office space. A bookcase is a great place to store your books and magazines, but with a few organization boxes, you can file away years’ worth of tax statements and family photos. Whatever you choose to store, you will be able to find it quickly later. Better still, you can choose aesthetically pleasing bookcases and organization boxes. If you don't want to deal with adding separate boxes, then there are bookcases with built-in drawers. 

Filing Cabinets

If you are aiming for a more practical and professional look to your home office organization, then filing cabinets may be the perfect option of paper organization. It is easy to organize bank statements, bills, and other important files. Add folders to separate your files, and you can store years’ worth of important information that is easily accessible today and tomorrow. For added security, you have the option of locking your filing cabinets, so any sensitive documents stay safe. 

Storage Cabinets

Storage cabinets can be a great place to store boxes and loose items, but you can also utilize them to store your printer or fax machine. The equipment is easily accessible when you need it, and when you don't, just turn it off and close the cabinet door. If it feels like bulky equipment is cluttering your space, then you can easily fix that feeling with an attractive storage cabinet. 

If you are looking for office furniture that will keep your space organized, then contact the Office Furniture Expo in Atlanta at (770) 455-0440. We have a large selection of organizational office furniture to choose from, including office desks and chairs. Custom office equipment is also available.

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If you are ready to order your custom-designed office furniture, then call Office Furniture Expo Atlanta today at (770) 455-0440.

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Office Feng Shui: Coordinating Your Home Office Furniture for Harmony

The position of your home office furniture could be keeping you from focusing by not utilizing your room to the best of its abilities. Reorganize the layout of your office to promote creativity and productivity with the help of these Feng Shui considerations: 

  • Room Location – If possible, try to designate a room that is far away from the bedroom to use as your home office so that you can keep your business and personal life separate. A door that only leads to the office will also help you to keep work worries within the office and not drag them into the rest of the house. 
  • Desk Placement – The placement of your office desk is one of the most effective ways to make your room follow Feng Shui principles. Try to keep the desk away from the door, resting diagonally in the opposite corner, and make sure your back is not to the door. Refrain from putting the desk right beneath a window—instead, set it up so the light hits it from the side.  
  • Use Furniture Wisely – It is important to find office furniture that will serve your needs. Feng Shui focuses on the importance of getting rid of clutter and keeping the room tidy, so finding office furniture that offers a lot of space for storage will help you keep the room open and allow your energy to flow.  
  • Put Your Touch into the Room – Surround yourself with items that inspire creativity and fill you with a sense of peace. Creating a room in which you feel comfortable starts with office furniture that makes you feel comfortable. Don’t just buy something because it’s on sale; make sure your office equipment leaves you with a calm, peaceful feeling. 

Come to Office Furniture Expo Atlanta to find everything you need for making your Atlanta home office  a little more Feng Shui so you can be productive and successful. To learn more, visit our website or call (770) 455-0440.

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How to Create a Home Office: Keep Your Desk Clean & Organized in Your Home Office

Since you spend more time at your desk than anywhere else in your office, you want to make sure it is set up to your liking. Watch this video for some tips on organizing your home office desk. 

The most important items in your office should either be kept out on the desk or within easy reach so you are not constantly searching for them. For items that you don’t use as often, try to keep them stored neatly in a drawer nearby so you don’t forget about them. You don’t want to buy a duplicate of an item you already have just because you can’t find it! 

For custom office furniture that will help keep your home workspace organized, contact Office Furniture Expo Atlanta at (770) 455-0440.

Office Furniture in Atlanta - How Custom Office Furniture and Design Can Improve Your Office Productivity


An uncomfortable office environment can actually hinder productivity. Increase the amount your office accomplishes with some custom office furniture that inspires not only hard work, but also creative ideas. 
  • Office Desks – Small, poorly designed desks will not encourage your employees to go above and beyond the bare minimum of work. On the other hand, large desks with ample space to work will provide the perfect area for employees to be productive  and comfortable. If you want employees that really make use of their time, then it is important to give them the space in which to do it. 
  • Custom Office Furniture – An office that looks nice will provide a good forum for office morale, so it’s important to design an office aesthetic that makes your employees feel welcome and wanted. The right custom office furniture can create a unified atmosphere in which your employees want to work hard. Comfortable employees make better workers, so outfit yours with the best and most encouraging custom office furniture you can find. Remember: if your employees feel valued, then they will produce valuable work. 
  • The Proper Office Equipment – An office without the proper equipment is only hurting itself. Make sure to provide your office with conference tables at which to have meetings with important clients, plenty of storage space in furniture such as bookcases and filing cabinets, and a break table where employees can comfortably have lunch. 
  • Work Stations- Individual work stations will give employees a little bit of privacy so that they can better concentrate on the tasks at hand. Work stations make a great addition to any office, as there will be less work time lost to social chatter, yet employees will feel more professional in having their own space. 

Transform your Atlanta office into a hub of productivity with the help of Office Furniture Expo Atlanta. To learn more, visit our website or call us at (770) 455-0440.

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Office Furniture in Atlanta at Great Discounted Prices!

We buy furniture at special prices so we can bring you great discounts every day. How much furniture??? ... A Lot! Watch the video below to take a peek at our warehouse, and all the great furniture that we bring in.

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In order for a business to succeed, you need a safe, yet stylish office. The right office furniture is a must for happy clients and employees. Follow these links for more information: 

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Office Furniture in Atlanta and Office Organization

One of the main keys to success is efficiency, and the key to efficiency is organization. Many of us limit our potential by keeping our desks buried beneath a nightmare of paperwork. 

In this short video, we get some pointers on how to keep a clean desk. These tips include keeping the things you need the most in drawers closest to you and color coordinating documents. According to the organization expert, a cleaner desk signifies to your boss and coworkers that you’re in control and responsible. 

For great office furniture and equipment that’ll keep you organized, contact us here at Office Expo Atlanta. Call us today at (770) 455-0440 and get one step closer to a professional, better organized office.    

Office Furniture in Atlanta and Ergonomics - What is Ergonomics and How Does it Affect Your Daily Life

As resourceful creatures, we’ve created thousands upon thousands of useful tools to make our lives easier; however, much of time, designers focus more on looks than safety and ease of use. Still, there’s a movement to make tools easier to use, which is a part of the science of ergonomics. Read on to learn more about ergonomics and how it affects daily life. 

What is ergonomics?

The word “ergonomics” comes from the Greek words “ergon,” meaning “work,” and “nomoi,” meaning “natural laws.” It is the science of making tools, conditions, and practices more naturally suitable for the human body—the main goal of ergonomics is to avoid injury by doing away with practices that cause injuries and inefficiency. The proper lifting technique is an excellent example of ergonomics, as is learning the proper posture. 

How it affects you 

Most inventions are ergonomic in some sense—for example, a chair can be considered ergonomic because it accommodates the natural inclination to rest. However, things can always be more ergonomic. What we call an ergonomic chair, for example, goes beyond the simple design of a normal chair and fits the shape of your back to allow for a more comfortable sitting experience. In an office setting, where efficiency is important for success, there are plenty examples of ergonomic furniture and equipment; an ergonomic keyboard has slanted keys that correlate with the way our arms and hands are positioned, putting less strain on our wrists. If you notice a piece of equipment that causes you strain, find a way to make it more ergonomic and avoid injury. 

If you’re looking to make your office more ergonomic, then come by Office Expo Atlanta, Atlanta’s #1 furniture resource. We have a wide selection of ergonomic office furniture and equipment, including chairs, tables, desks, and more. Don’t suffer through the strain, give us a call at (770) 455-0440—your body will thank you!  



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