How to Clean Wood Furniture

To keep your wood furniture looking as shiny and new as the day you got it, follow these simple tips.

  1. Once a week take a dry cloth and dust the wood furniture. To get rid of smudges, fingerprints and other pesky marks on your pieces, go over the wood with a lightly dampened sponge.
  2. You can make your own polish by adding two parts olive oil and one part lemon juice together, or you can use polish from the store. Apply polish to a cloth and spread evenly over the wood in the direction of the grain.
  3. Once you’re done polishing, wipe the wood down with a clean cloth to dry.

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A Basic Guide to Maintaining Wooden Office Furniture

Customizing your office with nice furniture is a great way to make yourself feel comfortable while you work.  But having beautiful wooden office furniture will be a waste if you don’t properly take care of it.  Follow these tips to keep your wood office furniture gleaming like new.

Back to Basics

No matter what type of wood your office desk or other custom office furniture is made of, always start the cleaning process by dusting. Use a dry cloth to clean the dust off the wood.

General Cleaning

Ask about your wooden furniture at the office equipment store to find out if your furniture needs any special care. If it doesn’t, then you use your favorite gentle wood cleaner. Take a dry cloth, dab on some of the wood cleaner, and then use it on the wood in the direction of the grain. Keep doing this until you have cleaned the whole piece.

Keep It Up

Try to dust the furniture regularly if you can. If you dust frequently, then you won’t have to polish it as often. Dusting the wood will keep it clean and looking great.

General Tips

Don’t put anything wet directly onto your wood furniture, because it could ruin its finish. Try to use a coaster if you have a drink on your desk. Don’t clean the wood with water, either. Try not to use letter openers or scissors directly on the furniture to avoid scratches.

As long as you dust and polish the wood, it should continue to gleam for you.  Come to Office Furniture Expo to find beautiful wood furniture for your office.  We have the best selection of office furniture in Atlanta.  Don’t continue to use uncomfortable, ugly office furniture. Spruce up your workspace with some of Atlanta’s best customized pieces.

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The Benefits of Custom Office Furniture

Believe it or not, the furniture you have in your office can be negatively affecting the way that you’re working.  If you’re not comfortable while at work, then you aren’t going to be as productive as you could be. Custom office furniture can not only improve the way you feel during your workday, but it can also make you work more efficiently.

Feng Shui Your Way to Success

Even if you don’t believe in the practice of feng shui, it is still important to have office furniture that makes you feel at ease. Office furniture that provides comfort, function, and gives you a nice view out the window, if possible, won’t make you feel so claustrophobic.

Bad Furniture Could Be Causing You Pain

It’s important to have a good office desk chair when you’re working. You often sit for more than six hours a day, which could really harm your back if you aren’t sitting in the right kind of chair. Invest in a chair that will actually support your back.

It Could Be Affecting Your Work

Office furniture that doesn’t give you enough space to accomplish what you need to can hinder the amount of work you get done in a day. If you constantly have to search for things, then you will be wasting valuable time. Get custom office equipment to better organize your work area so that you can get more work done.

Come to Office Furniture Expo to find the best custom office furniture in Atlanta.  We will get you set up with furniture that inspires you to do great work. With our help, you can furnish your office in a way that inspires productivity.

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Tips for Choosing an Office Desk That Compliments Your Office’s Size and Style

While at work, you might as well get comfortable and enjoy your stay to a certain degree; after all, you are spending a good portion of your day in your office.  Allowing yourself just a bit of comfort and relaxation can be helpful, especially during those crazy workweeks.

A great way to provide both comfort and customization is by adding or changing up your office furniture—such as your work desk.  When considering an office desk for your office, take a look at the following tips for choosing a perfect desk for your office’s size and style:

L-and-U Shape Desks

  • If you are looking for efficiency, these types of desks will help you work productively without sacrificing much space.  Keep in mind that, if you use a desktop computer, you will have to provide the necessary desk space for a computer—including the mouse, keyboard, and monitor.

Executive Desk

  • Furnished out of fine woods such as cherry or mahogany, an executive desk is perfect for an office that has room to spare.  Because an office desk should be proportionate to the size of the room it’s in, a large office is furnished well by an executive desk.

Computer Desk

  • Those who complete their work primarily on a computer will benefit immensely from a computer desk.  Computer desks are great for office work due to the fact that adjustments can be made for the mouse and keyboard.  Any employee, who spends a solid portion of their workday typing, will definitely appreciate a computer desk and its help in saving hand cramps.

If you are looking for that perfect office desk in the Atlanta area, or would like to outfit your workplace with other office furniture, then please take a look at Office Expo Atlanta.  We provide high quality office equipment as well as custom office furniture, and we would be more than happy to provide office furniture for your business.  So please, request a quote today!

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Create Your Dream Office, Virtually?

Remodeling your office can be an experience.  The new sight and feel of your office will provide comfort for whatever workload you might face.

 If you would like to preview your office before you choose to remodel, this useful app can show you your dream office before you move a single object.  Featuring high resolution photos and zoom, this app is a low cost option for those looking for the perfect office setup.

If you would like to look for great office furniture to complete your office in the Atlanta area, then please come over to Office Expo Atlanta!  We would love to help you outfit your office, from desks to bookcases.  So please, contact us today!

Office Furniture - 3 Must Have Pieces

While work may not be especially fun or eventful, one can still find comfort in their office.  Even though an office is used for work, being comfortable is crucial for productivity.  However, with so many office furniture options available, shopping can be a real time-sink.

 Unless you have hired a designer to personally outfit your office, you probably aren’t aware of top-rated pieces of office furniture.  While there are many types of office furniture to customize your office with, here are just three of the must-haves for your office:

1.      Desk

Whether you are looking for a bold look or for an ergonomic fit, an office desk is necessary for just about any type of job.  Be sure that whatever desk you are looking to purchase has enough room for your computer, and leaves enough office space for cabinets or files.

 2.      Desk Lamp

A desk lamp is an essential piece of office furniture for anybody who engages in large amounts of writing and reading.  Good lighting is necessary for keeping your eyes healthy over the years. Conveniently, desk lamps come in a variety of styles and won’t break the bank, allowing you more flexibility for office customization.

 3.      Chair

During a typical workday, you will be sitting for the majority of the day, so you might as well be comfortable!  In addition to finding a high-quality adjustable chair, you may want to consider additional chairs in your office if guests regularly stop by.  However, be sure to keep your office’s size in mind when considering extra chairs, as clutter can be distracting.

 If you are looking for office equipment near Atlanta, or if you’re considering custom office furniture, then please visit Office Expo Atlanta.  We would be happy to provide any type office furniture pieces you need for your office, no matter what style you are looking for.  So please, contact us today!


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