Hon Voi Furniture Can Transform to Become the Perfect Office You've Always Envisioned

With endless styles and designs Hon Voi furniture can transform to become the perfect office you've always envisioned. Watch this video and see for yourself. And when you're ready to transform your office, come into the Office Furniture Expo in Atlanta, and we'll help you get started.

Come to the Office Furniture Expo PRE-MEMORIAL DAY 4 DAY SALE Starts Saturday 5/21 at 11 AM

Come to the Office Furniture Expo PRE-MEMORIAL DAY 4 DAY SALE

Starts Saturday 5/21 at 11 AM


Print out this SPECIAL OFFER and bring it with you!

25% off ALL of the used desks, chairs, tables, files and panels in our



We need to make space for new shipments and have to clear out our current assortment of all used furniture located in our


So everything up there is 25% OFF the marked price!


The sale starts at 11AM Saturday 5/21 so come early and shop often!

We’re closed on Sunday to rest but we’ll be back at it on Monday 5/23 thru Wednesday 5/25 from 9AM until 6PM.


Don’t see what you need in our UPPER LEVEL WAREHOUSE SHOWROOM?

Shop the Lower Level Warehouse Showroom for 100’s of other items -all at

10% OFF the already low marked price!  You can take it with you or have us deliver it.


The fine print – 25% Discount on Used furniture is limited to stock on hand in our UPPER LEVEL WAREHOUSE ONLY. 10% Discount on Used furniture is limited to stock on hand in our LOWER LEVEL WAREHOUSE ONLY Not valid on any prior orders. Total Discount may not be greater than 25% off of original marked price in the UPPER WAREHOUSE and 10% in our LOWER WAREHOUSE. Discount offer EXCLUDES all 50% Off Used, $10 Used Chairs, New, Clearance, Online and any Consignment or accessory items. Assembly, taxes, delivery or other fees not included in discount offer. Special 25% and 10% discount offer valid only 5/21/11 – 5/25/11.


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Office Furniture in Atlanta is What We Do. Great Info is What We Share. Here Are More Great Resources for You to Check Out

Whether you are buying office furniture for twenty people in a business or one person in a home office, smart purchases will benefit your wallet, productivity, and comfort.  Here are several links to help you achieve the best possible office design. 

Big group of young jumping people.

Office Furniture in Atlanta - Office Furniture for Your Every Need. Check Out Our Great Reception Desks and Work Stations

Office Furniture in Atlanta is our specialty, and we have all you office furniture needs. Watch as we highlight some of our products on our showroom floor. We have new receptionist stations, with styles to fit your every need. We also have great workstations that will surely complement your work style.

Don't forget, we also have gently used office furniture at great price reductions. 

Atlanta Home Office Furniture: How to Design a Home Office With Ergonomic Office Furniture

Ergonomics is the practice of designing a work space to fit the human body and everyday movement.  If you want to improve your comfort and productivity in your office, then check out this video.

For example, think of your chair’s relation to the rest of your office furniture. Your desk space should be arranged so that you can adjust your chair to a comfortable level and still be able to easily utilize your desk space and computer.

For help finding the right desk chair or other office equipment, contact Office Expo Atlanta today. We have provided high-quality and superiorly designed office furniture in Atlanta to hundreds of businesses in Atlanta since 1981.  Visit us today to take your productivity and comfort to the next level by upgrading your office furniture!

Office Furniture in Atlanta - Office Furniture Expo Has What You Need

Office Furniture in Atlanta is our specialty. Whether it's new or used, we have you covered. Take a tour of our Huge Showroom! We have gently used furniture at great discounts, and as always, a wide variety and great selection of new office furniture and accessories. Come in today and see for yourself. And dont forget to join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

Home Office Furniture - How to Choose the Right Chairs for Your Office

Woman in home office

When you are choosing office furniture, selecting the right chair is a vital step.  There is no piece of office furniture that is more related to your productivity or well-being. Finding the right chair will allow you to enhance the design, comfort, and function of your office with a simple furniture purchase.


When selecting a chair, you want a type that will match the rest of your office equipment. You can do this by either selecting a similar color or finish to the rest of your office furniture.  For example, if your office desk or other furniture is metal or has metal trim, then you can match your chair by selecting one with the same style. You will also want to choose a chair with a similar overall aesthetic feel as the rest of your office furniture.  


Since you will be spending long hours in your chair, comfort is more important than design. Choosing an uncomfortable chair can cause lower back pain, sore shoulders, headaches, and lower productivity. A good chair will provide support to the natural curvature of your spine. Choose a chair that has knobs so that you can adjust the overall height, seat position, and armrest height.  


The right chair will aid you in maximizing office productivity. Make sure that your new chair comfortably fits with the rest of your office furniture. Most importantly, make sure it fits underneath your office desk. Finally, your office chair should include a swivel to give you a wide range of motion.


For a wide selection of office chairs and other office furniture, contact Office Expo Atlanta today. We guarantee a wide selection and competitive pricing on the highest quality office equipment. Plus, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, then we can create custom office furniture. Visit our attractive showroom to experience our dedication to customer satisfaction.

Office Furniture - 3 Tips for Furnishing and Decorating Your Home Office

Young woman calculating expenses

Whether you are working in your home office full time or just on the weekends, your office should be a place where you can take refuge and increase work productivity. Creating a custom office by selecting the right office furniture is crucial to developing your work haven. Here are some tips for using office furniture and designs to make your home office the best.

Design for Function

To increase productivity, you should arrange your office furniture so that regular tasks are performed smoothly. Here are some easy ways to ensure that your office equipment is in the most beneficial position:

  • Face your office desk towards the door so you can see visitors entering.
  • Place your computer, files, and telephone in a location that is easy to reach from your chair. 
  • Make sure your computer is facing away from the window to reduce screen glare.
  • Arrange your office furniture to maximize natural lighting or purchase lamps. 
  • When you purchase your office furniture, make sure there is adequate storage space.

Buy a Comfy Chair

Your office chair is perhaps the most important of all of your furniture purchases.   Finding a suitable chair can: 

  • Reduce lower back pains, headaches, and other ailments.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Enhance your office design.

 Add a Personal Touch

You want your office furniture and surroundings to be comfortable. An easy way to create comfort is to add a personal touch to your office space. For example,

  •  Paint the wall a bright color.  Certain colors are linked to productivity.
  • Include photos of family and friends.
  • Add art or plants.

For help selecting the best office furniture for your home office, visit Office Expo Atlanta today.  We have been providing office furniture to hundreds of home offices in the Atlanta area for over 20 years. As the 11 time winner of the Consumer’s Choice award for Business Excellence, we pride ourselves in providing the best quality office furniture and equipment in all of Atlanta. Visit us today to check out our unique and custom inventory.

The Office Expo Has Gone Green! See Our Sturdy Credentials

The Office Expo has been proud to offer office furniture in Atlanta at great prices with great service since 1981. But we’re even prouder of our transition to a Greener, more Environmentally Friendly model.

Check out our Sturdy Stats Below!


Office Furniture Expo Going Green

Like Our Office Furniture for Marietta Blogs? Here Are More Great Resources for You to Check Out!

If you’d like to learn more about picking the right kind of office furniture, or how to keep your wooden furniture looking like new, then check out some of these great resources.


  • Here are some tips on how to make the custom furniture in your office feng shui. 
  • This page shows you why your run of the mill desk chaircould be hurting your back. 
  • Use these tips to organizethe custom furniture in your office. 
  • Learn how to take care of your wood office furnitureon this page. 
  • This page will teach you how to polish your wood furniture with some homemade wood polish.

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