How to Design a Home Office: How to Organize Home Office Supplies

Having a well-organized home office makes it easier to find what you need when you need it. Knowing where your office supplies are at all times will save you time and energy. 

As you can see by watching this clip, organizing your office equipment will give all of your supplies their own place so that you can find them easily. You want your office desk to be clutter-free so you can do your work, but you also want ready access to necessary supplies. 

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How Various Design Styles Can Alter the Feeling of the Office

Work Stations

Are you looking to bring a new mood into your office? All the tools you need to create a specific atmosphere in your office are available; you just have to put them to use. There are a wide range of design styles for office furniture and equipment that will allow you to incorporate a new and exciting décor in your office. Here are some of the main design categories available:  

  • Contemporary Design

After the addition of contemporary office furniture, your office will start to take on an entirely new personality. Contemporary design lends itself well to clean, open environments. Beautifully crafted wood desks with metal handles will look right at home in a contemporary office. Adding a brightly colored chair can lend a unique touch of class to any room. 

  • Traditional Design

If you want the focus to be on productivity in your office, then you might prefer traditional office furniture., such as simple leather chairs and darker wood desks and shelves. Traditional offices tend to be characterized by paler, more neutral colors. The furniture in a traditional office might not be as decorative as a fancier design, but it provides a sober and professional workplace atmosphere. 

  • European Design

Modular furniture with interesting angles, such as angled file cabinets and metal bookcases, will give your office a European feel. Their clean, simple lines make an office feel more open and productive, and will help foster an atmosphere that is conducive to creativity and fresh new ideas. The open, expansive space will help encourage your employees to work together as a cohesive team. 

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Tips for Giving Your Conference Room the Update It Needs

Meeting Room

A poorly decorated and furnished conference room might be keeping your employees from being as creative, productive, and innovative as they could be. In order to really get the ideas flowing, you should fill the room with new and functional office equipment. A quick and simple conference room redesign might be all your office needs to get inspired and start generating bold new ideas. 

  • Conference Table Style

Adding a stylish conference table to your office is a great way to give the room a fresh new look. Office furniture should be attractive, comfortable, and functional. You need a conference table that fosters a sense of camaraderie, where everyone feels comfortable making suggestions. Make sure the table you choose has more than enough room for all of your employees and clients. 

  • Comfortable Chairs

To keep the attention focused on what is happening in the meeting, you should make sure to surround your table with comfortable chairs. Ergonomic chairs provide the necessary comfort and support for anyone who sits around the conference table. You might even want to consider investing in custom office furniture to get comfortable pieces that will meet the needs of your office. 

  • Conference Décor

Although a conference room is a serious place, you can incorporate a few design elements that will make it feel more welcoming. Put a few interesting bookcases around the perimeter of the room and add some decorative pieces. Flower vases, artistic pictures, and inspirational posters will make your employees and clients feel more comfortable. A comfortable conference room is the perfect location for interesting and innovative ideas that will help catapult your business to new achievements. 

With a terrific selection of conference tables, chairs, and other important office equipment, Office Furniture Expo Atlanta has the tools you need to transform your conference room. Stop minimizing your productivity and get a conference room where new and unique ideas will be formed. For more information about our products, call (770) 455-0440. 

Learn More About Great Office Furniture With These Resources!


Your office furniture needs to be functional and extend a positive impression of your business. These resources will give you some great tips on office decorating and furniture buying. To learn more about these topics, call Office Furniture Expo Atlanta today at (770) 455-0440. 

  • Visit HGTV’s official website to get some ideas on how to create a colorful home office space. 
  • Use this checklist from to help you find office furniture that will keep your employees comfortable and working hard. 
  • This website will help you effectively set up a new office

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Home Office Decorating: How to Let Personality, Meet Functionality

Hispanic Man Working In Home Office

The perfect home office setting incorporates an interesting décor with pieces that serve a practical purpose. When decorating your home office, try to add a little bit of your personality. Use your home office furniture and these decorating techniques to create a space that inspires creativity and productivity:

  • Start With Furniture

Not every home office requires the same kind of office equipment. Whether you need a large or small desk, try to find a style you like. You can find an office desk that has enough storage and workspace that also looks nice. Pick office furniture that creates a décor in the room. When you have attractive furniture, it will be easier to decorate around it. 

  • Choose a Color Scheme

Incorporating color into the room is a great way to add a bit of your personality. Choosing a basic color scheme to use sporadically throughout the room will make the space feel more comfortable for you. You can even buy custom office furniture that uses one of the colors in the scheme you have chosen. Color will make the room look more open and fun without being too distracting. 

  • Utilize the Space

Choose bookcases, tables, and file cabinets that give you a little more space than you need. The extra shelves will be a great place for your decorative additions. Place a vase with fresh flowers on the bookcase, for example, to add an attractive scent to your office. Picture frames are another nice way to personalize a home office. Small statues or attractive bowls will open up the office décor. Placing unique accessories on the office furniture combines personality, creativity, and function. 

Find everything you need to create the ideal home office space at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta. We have been successfully furnishing the offices in and around Atlanta since 1981. To learn more, visit us online or call (770) 455-0440.

Office Ergonomics


Office ergonomics are important to keep your employees comfortable and working hard. The proper office furniture can create a safe work environment in which the employees will succeed. 

As you can see by watching this clip, it is important for an employee to have his or her feet resting on the floor. The office desk should have plenty of knee clearance. The monitor cannot be too high, and the seat should be adjustable. The phone should be on the desk next to a document holder. 

Office Furniture Expo Atlanta can help you successfully practice office ergonomics. Since 1981, we have been providing Atlanta with the best office furniture. To learn more, call (770) 455-0440.

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Top Reasons Why You Should Buy From a Specialized Office Furniture Company

Large meeting/conference room

Not only do specialized office furniture companies have great furniture, but they also provide services that can help you create the ideal office. Quality furniture combined with stellar customer service is what you need to buy pieces that will last. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of buying from a specialized office furniture company: 

  • Furniture Maintenance

A specialized office furniture company will continue to care for your office equipment even after you buy it. They will revamp the furniture and upholstery when it starts to suffer from normal wear and tear. If your furniture needs to be refurbished or refinished, then the company will take care of it for you. They want your furniture to continue to reflect highly on your company’s reputation. 

  • Custom Plans

Companies that deal primarily with office furniture will make an effort to get your custom office furniture that suits your needs. They have sales executives who will work with you to create design ideas that meet your specifications. Through a global network of furniture dealers, they will also be able to install your furniture. They will set up the furniture based on your office needs and space restrictions. 

  • Create a Company Image

A specialized office furniture company hires specialists to work with you to create the office that will work best for your company. With a team of experienced interior designers, they can help you create a comfortable, impressive environment. They will also help you pick out office desks and other furniture that fit both your space and budget. A specialized office furniture company can help you expand your business. 

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