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Cleaning Upholstered Furniture

After you purchase new office furniture, it is essential to maintain your office chairs and other upholstered items with the utmost care. For example, if a piece of new office furniture gets stained, you should be sure to check its cleaning code. With information from the cleaning code, you will know what types of cleaners to use on the surface.

HON has a range of chairs with upholstered seats and backs that can enhance your office design, especially when cleaned and cared for correctly. Take a look at this video to see some available options.

At Office Furniture Expo in Atlanta, we are pleased to provide our clients with a great range of quality furniture pieces. Whether you are shopping for office seating or a new office storage solution, we can help you find the right furniture for your space. Call us at (770) 455-0440 to hear more about the products that we have in stock.

A Look at the Twenty-Four Seven Elite Chair from Office Star

A good office chair should be as reliable and hardworking as you. You want an office chair designed to stand up to your workweek that will also provide you with optimum comfort and back support.

In this video about the Twenty-Four Seven Elite Chair from Office Star you will see that this chair is not only durable but functional, too. Ergonomic features include a seat slider and adjustable tension control. For your comfort, the arms are adjustable for height and width.

Office Furniture Expo has the office chairs and desks you need to provide a comfortable and functional environment for your employees. We are the largest supplier of quality new and used office furniture. For more information about our products call (770) 455-0440 or visit us online.

Weekly Deals - June 14, 2015

Find more information here.

Caring for Your Office Furniture

Quality office furniture needs to be cared for to prevent damage and ensure long-lasting use.

Wood furniture is sturdy and stylish but does require some caution and care to ensure the finish lasts to its potential. Use the following tips for your wood office furniture:

  • Use felt backing on office accessories that might scratch the surface, such as lamps.
  • Be sure to have a protective pad between the wood surface and paper when writing.
  • Use coasters for hot and cold drinks to prevent moisture stains.

Here are some additional tips for protecting your office furniture:

  • Lightly clean your furniture each week to avoid dust build-up.
  • Clean up any spills as soon as they occur to prevent hard-to-remove stains on wood or fabric.
  • Specific directions for spot cleaning upholstered furniture can be found on the tag of your furniture.
  • If need be, call the manufacturer for more specific directions on cleaning your particular piece of office furniture.

Office Furniture Expo is Atlanta's number one option for new and used office chairs and desks. If you'd like to know more about our services, please call (770) 455-0440 or visit us online.

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How Your New Office Furniture Can Boost Productivity

Sometimes, switching things up in the workplace can provide a welcome boost in productivity. If you’ve had the same office furniture in your office for years now, it’s probably time to give your employees a fresh perspective. There are many ways bringing in new furniture can boost the morale and productivity of your workspace.

Renew the Office Outlook

Dull surroundings or broken furniture can cause an individual to lose interest in what they’re doing, especially at work. If you have white walls and outdated office chairs, upgrading the office environment can help improve work performance. A different look will keep employees buzzing and excited to work in the new space.

Increase Focus with Organization

A cluttered office makes it hard to focus on the tasks at hand, but a clean and organized office makes employees feel comfortable and at ease. When furniture is outdated or accessories are unavailable, organization can fall by the wayside. Organization is essential to increasing productivity and hard work. Oftentimes employees lose their drive when papers are falling everywhere and things are getting lost. You can solve this problem by introducing filing cabinets and other space saving office accessories and furniture pieces.

Improve the Health of Employees

New desks and chairs can help add functionality to your office space as well as increase the health of your employees. Did you know that sitting for long periods can increase your chances of developing a number of diseases including cardiovascular disease and cancer? You can avoid this by introducing standing desks to your office. Employees still have a functional workspace that allows them to comfortably stand for hours and cut back on their sitting time. Rearrange your office space to allow for more light exposure while working. Exposure to daylight can increase energy and productivity, as well as boost the general mood.

Office Furniture Expo in Atlanta is happy to provide its expertise when choosing new furniture for your office. If you have questions about our furniture or services, feel free to call us at (770) 455-0440 or visit us online.

James Franklin's 30 Years of Service Discount

Yesterday we celebrated James Franklin's 30 years of service with Office Furniture Expo with a breakfast from the Waffle House food truck. In celebration of Mr. James Franklin's service to the company, we're offering customers a 10% discount on any one single item at the regular marked price through June 6th! Learn more here.

Memorial Day Tent Sale

Office Furniture Expo is having a Tent Sale May 22nd through May 30th! Used furniture items with blue tags will have a price reduction of 10% to 20%.

Office Furniture Expo will be closed Sunday, May 22nd, and Monday, May 25th, in observance of Memorial Day.

Essential Tips for Choosing New Filing Cabinets

Is your office or workspace scattered with unfiled papers? Are you running out of space to put your paperwork? It might be time to start looking into new filing cabinets for your workspace. There are plenty of options and storage solutions for your office. Read on to learn tips for choosing the right set of filing cabinets.

Know the Different Types of Filing Cabinets

Most office filing cabinets come in two sizes: vertical and lateral. Vertical cabinets are tall and skinny, usually with two to five drawers. The 18-inch wide drawers can file letter size documents and are usually 25 to 28 inches deep. Lateral filing cabinets are much wider than they are deep. These come with two to five long drawers, and there are a few different looks from which to choose. Do you have business sensitive documents or data media that needs to be protected? Fireproof files come in many sizes and configurations – vertical, lateral and for media storage.

Choose the Right Shape and Size

Now that you know the different types of filing cabinets you can determine which will be right for your office’s needs. Consider the amount and type of paperwork you currently have filed. If your drawers are full you will need to upgrade to a bigger cabinet or purchase additional ones. If you have heavier or wide files to store, you may want to get a lateral cabinet. Also consider the functionality of the two types of file storage. A vertical cabinet is easy to access and can fit in smaller spaces. The lateral cabinet requires some bending over and will need more space to fit.

Consider Other Kinds of Office Storage

Do you need a filing cabinet or would other types of office storage be better? Before purchasing filing cabinets, think about what you ultimately want to store. If you are trying to solve a paperwork problem, then filing cabinets are for you. Office supplies and personal items shouldn’t be stored in a filing cabinet. If you are want a storage solution for these items there are plenty of other storage options available, as well.

Choose from Office Furniture Expo’s wide selection of file cabinets. We are your number one choice for high-quality new and used office furniture in the Atlanta area. For more information, call (770) 455-0440 or visit us online.

Health Benefits of Having the Right Workspace Furniture [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that the wrong office furniture could have a detrimental effect on your employees' health—and your bottom line? When your office furniture isn't comfortable for your employees, it can trigger a long list of issues. For instance, office chairs that don't provide the proper support can lead to back and neck problems that in turn lead to increased employee absenteeism and turnover. In addition, when doing their work causes discomfort for your employees, the morale in your workspace is guaranteed to be low. Find out more about the link between office furniture and the health of your staff in this infographic from Office Furniture Expo. We provide new and used office furniture in Atlanta and have a wide selection of desks, chairs, storage, and more for your business. Share this information at your office and spread the word about the importance of good office furniture for employee health and productivity.

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