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    How to Set Up a Training Room for the Office

    Last updated 6 days ago

    If your business has recently expanded and you're preparing to add some fresh new faces to your workforce, then you may want to consider establishing a training room in your office. A training room is a great amenity for any small or large scale business to possess, since it provides both old and new employees with the perfect space to discuss the business's everyday practices and its overall goals. A simple way to set up an effective training room is to purchase training tables from your Atlanta custom office furniture supplier.

    After purchasing the right training table style and quantity that you require, arrange the new office furniture in a manner that is conducive to learning. One effective set up that both your colleagues and your new staff will appreciate is to place tables side by side in the center of the room so everyone feels included and involved. For even more tips on purchasing the right office equipment for your training room, call Office Furniture Expo Atlanta at (678) 894-1869.

    Selecting the Perfect Desk for Any Office Environment

    Last updated 13 days ago

    The right desk has the power to transform any office into a more attractive and more efficient work space. If you're hunting for the right type of office desk to enhance your productivity and to spice up the appearance of your home or commercial office, then there are a few considerations you should make before heading to your office furniture store. Here is our helpful guide to selecting the perfect desk for any office environment:

    Explore Different Sizes and Styles

    Two of the most important variables to consider when shopping for the perfect desk for your office environment are size and style. Firstly, you want to make sure that the desk you choose is large enough to accommodate your needs but not too large that it will make the surrounding environment feel weighed down and crammed. Secondly, make sure it fits with the theme of your office. Coordinate both the color and style of your desk to match well with existing décor.

    Ponder the Purpose of the Desk

    Will the desk be used simply for typing up drafts and documents, or will you use it when preparing and stylizing layouts, designs, and other projects that require a significant amount of space? Before shopping for your perfect desk, be sure to ask yourself what exactly you require from the desk. Make sure that it is capable of fulfilling all of your day-to-day needs, whether you are an accountant working from home, or an architect in a large office building.

    Consider the Surrounding Workspace

    Another helpful strategy for finding the right desk is to draw inspiration from the surrounding workspaces. If your office observes an open floor plan, then stay in sync with the look and style of other desks in the room. Also pay attention to the vibe in the office. A more relaxed environment is suited by a casual, comfortable desk while a formal environment requires more tailored office furniture.

    If you're finding it difficult to pick out the right desk for your office, then consult with an expert at Office Furniture Expo Atlanta today. We can help you find the right desk from among our inventory or assist you with the process of creating your own custom office furniture. Call (678) 894-1869 to find out more about the furniture we carry.

    Great Review for Office Furniture Expo Atlanta

    Last updated 15 days ago

    • on Email Testimonial
    • Hi Paul,

      As you know my office furniture was delivered Thursday and it is beautiful!

      I expect it to really makes a good impression on clients. Thank you very

      much for all your help and patience with the complicated process of choosing

      furniture that is both functional and attractive.


      ... More

      Robert, CPA

    Tips for Avoiding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    Last updated 20 days ago

    Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when nerves in the wrist become compressed, typically as a result of hyperextension or hyper inflection. As you will hear from the expert in this video, the best way to avoid compressing the nerves in your rest and developing this painful syndrome is to avoid scenarios where you are gripping for a prolonged amount of time. This might mean adjusting your office space or even avoiding certain activities that cause you to frequently take your wrist out of a neutral position.

    If you do have carpal tunnel syndrome and are looking for ways to slow down its progression or reduce inflammation, then ask your doctor about wearing a wrist splint. He or she might also recommend taping the area after applying a non-steroidal medication in order to minimize pressure on the nerves.

    A simple way to improve your posture and overall body alignment while working is to invest in ergonomic office equipment. To learn how the right desk and chair could help you avoid painful problems like carpal tunnel, call Office Furniture Expo Atlanta at (678) 894-1869.

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