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Why Organization Is So Important in the Office

Your office design should do more than just increase the aesthetic appeal of your workplace. The right office furniture and accessories will help you and your staff stay organized and focused at work. Continue reading to learn more about why organization is such an important element of a successful office environment.

Organization Saves Time

When your entire staff knows where to look to find what they need, it saves a lot of time. Stock your workplace with filing systems and storage options that allow you to create order in your office. This gives your staff the ability to locate exactly what they need when they need it so they don't have to waste valuable time searching.

Organization Increases Productivity

An organized office is a productive office. When everything has its place, it is much easier for your employees to stay on task throughout the day. Design custom office furniture options that give you the storage potential you need to develop a convenient organizational system for your office necessities. When you have a uniform filing system for important paperwork or data, your staff can get to work and accomplish more during each workday.

Organization Reduces Office Stress

Disorganization can be a huge source of stress in your office. If you want your employees to be calm throughout the day, you should make an effort to stay organized. Accessories like personal paper trays and filing cabinets allow your employees to create order at their desks, helping to minimize stress levels and maintain a better office morale.

If you are ready to organize your office, Office Furniture Expo Atlanta can help. With our selection of office furniture and accessories, it is easy to find the products you need to develop an effective method of organization for your office. We can even design custom office furniture solutions to ensure that you have the exact storage features required for your company. To learn more, call (770) 455-0440.

Help Employees Relax with a Comfortable Break Room

When you are creating an office décor, it is important to remember to include a break room where your staff can get some reprieve from their work. Breaks encourage your staff to remain productive, calm, and positive during the workday. Add the following features to your break room to ensure you have a place where your staff can decompress.

You should have ample seating where your staff can sit down and relax with a snack or a hot beverage. Include a few tables with comfortable chairs so at least a few people can sit in the room at one time. You might even want to include a few couches or arm chairs so your staff can take a short reading break. To complete the space, add some kitchen features so your employees can heat up food and brew fresh coffee during their break times.

Turn to Office Furniture Expo Atlanta to get the office equipment you need to set up a comfortable break room for your employees. Since 1981, we have provided Atlanta businesses with quality furniture and accessories to transform their work. To learn more, call (770) 455-0440.

A Look at the Humanscale Design Philosophy

In order for a piece of office furniture to be as effective as possible, humans need to be able to use it intuitively. Watch this video clip for a look at the Humanscale design philosophy.

At Humanscale, the goal is to make products that are as easy to use as possible. When an employee sits down on an office chair or uses an office desk and is instantly comfortable, that employee will waste no time thinking about how to adjust the furniture. This maximizes productivity as well as employee satisfaction.

Office Furniture Expo is committed to providing top-of-the-line office furniture in Atlanta. We specialize in bookcases, office tables, and office desks. If you live in the area, visit our website or check out our showroom today. You can also call us at (770) 455-0440 to find out more about what we can do for you.

Creating a Calming and Productive Workspace

It seems like stress is everywhere in today's society, which can unfortunately disrupt your concentration and make it difficult to get your job done. However, there are a few small changes that you can make in order to alleviate stress and stay focused. Even something as simple as changing your office furniture can make a difference. Here is a brief look at creating a calming and productive workspace.


It is important that your workspace includes plenty of variety. A versatile workspace will allow people to meet with group members in order to share information, but then retreat to a private area to work in peace. A calming and productive workspace will allow employees to make use of each of these types of areas at any given time.


It is difficult to be productive when you are preoccupied with how uncomfortable you are. This can relate to the temperature inside the office, the presence of natural light, and the office chairs that your employees sit in. Comfortable office furniture eliminates the distractions associated with discomfort as well as the adjustments that this discomfort typically requires. Comfortable, quality office furniture will make your employees both happy and productive, so it benefits everyone.


Employees feel stressed when they can't find something they need, so it pays to be organized. Bolster your workspace with office desks that contain ample storage space. This will allow your employees to keep files and other items easily accessible so they can focus on the task at hand rather than stress about missing files.

If you are interested in creating a calming and productive workspace, call Office Furniture Expo in Atlanta at (770) 455-0440. We are happy to provide high-quality office furniture to offices in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. Please feel free to visit our website or stop in and meet with us if you would like to learn more about our office seating and furniture repair services.

Innovative Workstations from HON

The perfect workspace for one office may look substantially different from the ideal setup in another. This is why the office desks and office furniture you choose can make such a substantial impact on the performance and productivity of your employees. Keep reading if you would like to take a look at some of the innovative workstations from HON.


HON expresses the importance of versatility and organization with Abound. This workstation is adaptable, efficient, and cohesive. Employees will enjoy a simple modern aesthetic that emphasizes open space and natural light. This also tends to make for easier cleaning, allowing employees to keep their workspace clean, neat, and organized. Abound panels can be moved and rearranged, and they are available in a variety of fabrics and materials for further customization. This workstation is an ideal companion for a constantly changing workspace.


If you are looking for a catalyst for your business, look no further than Accelerate. This workstation offers the personal storage space you need to stay organized as well as an impressive level of adaptability in case you decide to change your space around. The wide range of panel fabrics available for HON's Accelerate allow you to customize your workspace; if a certain color gets your creative juices flowing, you can display this palette across your furniture finishes and upholsteries for constant motivation. Accelerate can be used by itself or in conjunction with a variety of other HON products.


For many people, the hardest part is starting; with Initiate, however, the process becomes much easier. Initiate promotes environmentally friendly practices and durable, long-lasting construction. This workstation simplifies the concept of office furniture and emphasizes spaciousness and flexibility. Beginning with a simple, straightforward installation and providing years of quality working life, Initiate is always a safe choice.

For more information about the innovative workstations from HON, contact Office Furniture Expo in Atlanta or visit our website. Our showroom has a variety of quality new and used office furniture perfect for your workspace. You can find out more about our services by calling us at (770) 455-0440 or stopping by and meeting with us today.

Labor Day Sale

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A Look at Leather Office Chairs from BOSS Chairs

A high-quality office chair is an essential part of every workspace. When you are going shopping for new office furniture in Atlanta, you may want to check out the quality leather office chairs that are featured in the Office Furniture Expo showroom. BOSS Chairs is a company that makes handsome, durable, and comfortable furniture for offices everywhere. Here is a rundown of some of the leather office chairs that are available from BOSS Chairs.

B9331. This sleek and streamlined executive high back chair is perfect for any office. It's upholstered using black Caressoft Plus, with pillow top cushions and padded arm rests. This chair also features adjustable tile tension control and pneumatic gas lift seat adjustment, so you can easily position it for your own comfort.

B9221. If you're looking for a deluxe executive office chair in a contemporary style, this model is an outstanding choice. It features soft and resilient upholstery with an extra layer of foam for maximum comfort, along with a metal chrome-plated base and arms. The chair also includes a spring tilt mechanism that you can adjust to any angle.

B8909. When you're in need of guest seating for your office, consider the value of this beautiful mid-back chair. This ergonomically designed seat, complete with built-in lumbar support, is ideal for long meetings. With its stylish mahogany finish and black Italian leather upholstery, this guest chair is sure to enhance any office space.

If you would like to find out more about all of the first-class office chairs in the BOSS Chairs lineup, it's time to contact Office Furniture Expo in Atlanta. Our friendly sales team will be glad to answer all of your questions about the new office furniture that we have in stock. Visit our website to learn more about our furniture inventory, or call us today at (770) 455-0440 with any questions you may have.

Should You Use a Sit/Stand Desk?

Any individual who has worked in an office understands the negative effects that are associated with extended periods of sitting down. Sit/Stand desks, on the other hand, are one type of office furniture that seeks to combat these health effects. Continue reading if you are wondering if you would benefit from using a Sit/Stand desk.

Even though you take periodic breaks to walk around the office, a Sit/Stand desk may offer greater advantages than your standard office desk. This type of office furniture may help to combat a number of conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and even cancer. Sit/Stand desk flexibility is important because it helps you to shed calories, work your muscles, and keep your blood sugar down.

Are you interested in learning more about Sit/Stand desks? Call Office Furniture Expo at (770) 455-0440 or stop by and meet us. We have a great selection of new and used office furniture in Atlanta. Learn more on our website.

Tips for Organizing Your Filing Cabinets

Filing cabinets are a must for an organized and professional office space. Along with office seating and desks, filing cabinets are among the most commonly used pieces of furniture in a workplace. Here are some handy tips for organizing your filing cabinets.

Choose a Quality Product

When you are organizing your filing cabinets, you can help kick start the organization process by choosing quality cabinets. High-quality filing cabinets may include features, such as suspension systems, which will allow you to easily access each drawer. In addition, a well-made filing cabinet will also be constructed from durable materials, such as metal that is resistant to rust.

Select Which Papers Will Be Filed

The next step of organizing your filing cabinet is to select which papers will be filed. To make your organization process easier, you may want to start out by creating piles of different categories of papers. By keeping similar documents together, you will ensure that you have an easier time when you are going through your filing drawers.

Use Folders and Labels

With your documents properly sorted, your next task will be to create folders and labels to house all of your important paperwork. When you are choosing folders, make sure that they can easily slip in and out of your filing cabinet. Easy-to-read labels will make finding certain types of documents a breeze.

When you are shopping for new or used office furniture in Atlanta, be sure to make a trip to Office Furniture Expo in Atlanta. We proudly provide our customers throughout the Atlanta area with a terrific inventory of high-quality pieces. To learn more about the benefits of purchasing your office furniture from us, give us a call at (770) 455-0440.

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