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Memorial Day Tent Sale

Office Furniture Expo is having a Tent Sale May 22nd through May 30th! Used furniture items with blue tags will have a price reduction of 10% to 20%.

Office Furniture Expo will be closed Sunday, May 22nd, and Monday, May 25th, in observance of Memorial Day.

Essential Tips for Choosing New Filing Cabinets

Is your office or workspace scattered with unfiled papers? Are you running out of space to put your paperwork? It might be time to start looking into new filing cabinets for your workspace. There are plenty of options and storage solutions for your office. Read on to learn tips for choosing the right set of filing cabinets.

Know the Different Types of Filing Cabinets

Most office filing cabinets come in two sizes: vertical and lateral. Vertical cabinets are tall and skinny, usually with two to five drawers. The 18-inch wide drawers can file letter size documents and are usually 25 to 28 inches deep. Lateral filing cabinets are much wider than they are deep. These come with two to five long drawers, and there are a few different looks from which to choose. Do you have business sensitive documents or data media that needs to be protected? Fireproof files come in many sizes and configurations – vertical, lateral and for media storage.

Choose the Right Shape and Size

Now that you know the different types of filing cabinets you can determine which will be right for your office’s needs. Consider the amount and type of paperwork you currently have filed. If your drawers are full you will need to upgrade to a bigger cabinet or purchase additional ones. If you have heavier or wide files to store, you may want to get a lateral cabinet. Also consider the functionality of the two types of file storage. A vertical cabinet is easy to access and can fit in smaller spaces. The lateral cabinet requires some bending over and will need more space to fit.

Consider Other Kinds of Office Storage

Do you need a filing cabinet or would other types of office storage be better? Before purchasing filing cabinets, think about what you ultimately want to store. If you are trying to solve a paperwork problem, then filing cabinets are for you. Office supplies and personal items shouldn’t be stored in a filing cabinet. If you are want a storage solution for these items there are plenty of other storage options available, as well.

Choose from Office Furniture Expo’s wide selection of file cabinets. We are your number one choice for high-quality new and used office furniture in the Atlanta area. For more information, call (770) 455-0440 or visit us online.

Health Benefits of Having the Right Workspace Furniture [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that the wrong office furniture could have a detrimental effect on your employees' health—and your bottom line? When your office furniture isn't comfortable for your employees, it can trigger a long list of issues. For instance, office chairs that don't provide the proper support can lead to back and neck problems that in turn lead to increased employee absenteeism and turnover. In addition, when doing their work causes discomfort for your employees, the morale in your workspace is guaranteed to be low. Find out more about the link between office furniture and the health of your staff in this infographic from Office Furniture Expo. We provide new and used office furniture in Atlanta and have a wide selection of desks, chairs, storage, and more for your business. Share this information at your office and spread the word about the importance of good office furniture for employee health and productivity.

Tips for Buying Used Office Furniture

If you want to update your workplace without depleting your budget, you might want to look into used office furniture near Atlanta. Keep reading for some tips on purchasing quality used furniture that can enhance your office space:

Look at the Frames

One of the best ways to determine the condition of used office furniture is to examine the frames. Sturdy frames will provide the long-lasting support that you need to furnish your office with quality pieces. Once you have finished your examination, you should sit on the furniture to make sure it is strong enough to work for your office environment.

Think About Your Ideal Décor

Just because you are buying used office furniture does not mean that you have to sacrifice aesthetic appeal for your workplace. Take your time choosing pieces that work together to build a cohesive décor for your office space. When you create a specific interior design in the workplace, it creates an inviting space where your employees actually want to spend time.

Be Kind to Your Budget

Before you start to shop for new office desks and chairs, you should come up with a budget so you know exactly how much you can spend. An office furniture budget makes it easier to narrow down your selection and choose pieces that work for all of your needs. If you create a budget before you shop, you will be more careful about the furniture that you buy.

Buy What You Need

Pay attention to your current office furniture and try to decide if it gives your employees what they need to stay comfortable and productive at work. If you notice that your staff seems uncomfortable with your current office setup, you can buy new pieces that will help build a better workplace atmosphere.

Office Furniture Expo has some of the best selections of used office furniture in the city. We resell quality pieces that can enhance your office and add more style to the space. To learn more about our products, visit us online or call (770) 455-0440.

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! Did you know Office Furniture Expo currently recycles over 90% of materials that enter our facility?

View our infographic about the benefits of used office furniture to learn more about our recycling inititative and check out our latest recycling numbers below:

What Are the Benefits of Used Office Furniture?

Are you ready to update your office furniture? You might want to consider the benefits of buying used. Keep reading to find out how our gently used furniture can enhance your work environment:

Why buy used office furniture?

  • Great values – you never know what you'll find when you visit
  • Available now for purchase and immediate delivery
  • Stretch your budget - get more furniture for your money
  • Buying used furniture is a great way to recycle

What to know –

  • Our selection changes daily and all Clearance and Used Furniture selections are sold "AS-IS"
  • Our Clearance and Used Furniture selections are great values but some may have minor nicks and scratches or be missing keys to locks.

Whether you buy new or used office furniture, Office Furniture Expo in Atlanta has what you need to furnish your office the way you want. For more than 30 years, we have provided the best selection of office furniture in the greater Atlanta metro area so local businesses can get the furnishings they need to build comfortable and productive office environments. To learn more about our products, visit us online or call (770) 455-0440.

Featured Employee of the Month: John Skelley

Our featured Employee for the month of April is John Skelley. John has been a valued sales professional at Office Furniture Expo for over 10 years. John’s wealth of knowledge, experience and superior customer service has kept his customers coming back to him – and referring their business associates and friends to him - again and again. He has been recognized twice as our “Employee of the Year”. John’s understanding of your unique office furniture needs allows him to find the best solution for your workspace. Well versed with the industry’s leading space planning software, he can provide you with visual representations of your furniture layout with exact measurements. John will be more than happy to assist you with all of your office furniture needs, big or small, for your workspace or home office. Call or visit our Showroom today and ask for John Skelley when you arrive. You can also contact him at or (770) 455-0440x316.

Spring Overstock & Clearance Sale

Come in during our Spring Overstock & Clearance Sale throughMay 2nd! We have huge price reductions, and all yellow tag used items must go! Learn more here.

Encourage Creativity with these Office Furniture Design Tips

Considering custom designed office furniture for your next workspace remodel? Updating your office décor is an easy way to change the entire feeling of the workplace. Use the following tips to design a furniture floor plan that encourages creativity in your office:

Pay Attention to the Way People Work

You can determine a lot about a person's work habits just by observing them. Spend some time watching your staff and how they interact with their current workspace. If you notice that some desks are overflowing with paperwork, you might want to think about creating desks with more storage space. Observing the workplace gives you a better idea of what you need to add to make it more efficient.

Consider Adding Furniture Zones

Your entire office does not have to be full of desks and chairs to be productive and professional. You can use your furniture to create different interactive zones that give your employees the chance to enjoy some different scenery as they work. In addition to their work area, you might want to consider creating a few seating areas where people can collaborate or when they need a break from their desks.

Think About Changing Your Current Office Floor Plan

If you currently have an office full of separate cubicles, it might be difficult to encourage collaborative efforts among your employees. Think about how you want your employees to engage with each other while in the office and consider changing your furniture arrangement to encourage it.

No matter what kind of furniture you want for your office, Office Furniture Expo in Atlanta can help. Since 1981, we have provided local businesses with the furniture they need to optimize space in the workplace and encourage creativity and productivity. Whether you want to look into our custom furniture options or find some great deals on new or used furniture, we can help. To learn more about our products and services, visit us online or call (770) 455-0440.

New Customer Special 4-1 through 5-15

Come in and see us April 1st through May 15th to get a $25 instant rebate when you make your first $499 purchase from Office Furniture Expo!

For more information on our products, visit our website.

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